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DLG PLUS is the ultimate solution for high quality logo generation and for automatic management of titles and graphics.
Ideal to automatically put on air graphical contents for music TV channels (titles, authors, etc.), news programs (tickers, clock, etc...).
DLG PLUS has been designed to automatically be controlled and managed by XTV and DigiTV playouts (interface to third party systems available) Info/metadata related to clips, coming from the playlist/archive/database, are rendered on video in real time by DLG PLUS.

- Static and animated graphics and logos
- Dynamic text, clock, date, crawl, ticker and roll
- Effects: shadow, blur, motion blur, smooth edge (deflicker)
- Page composer with multiple layers
- Preview channel over VGA and video
- From 1 up to 4 channels version
- Interface/Integration to TV automation (XTV e DigiTV) to control on air graphics
- TGA, BMP, PNG, TIF, JPG, GIF sequences and FLASH animations.
- Smooth Transition: fade, move, zoom
- 32 bit images processing with alpha and transparencies
- GPI on TCP/IP (or RS-232 as option)
- Hardware by-pass & remote control panel (as option)

- TV automation interface: on air graphics are automatically controlled by the playout, according to the playlist.
- Dynamic text: metatdatas for text, ticker and crawl and roll can be dynamically passed by the automation (such as, song title and author for music program) and retrieved from external sources like TXT files, RSS feed, Social network, etc.*
- Manual logo and TV automation graphics can be displayed simultaneously on different layers.
- Intelligent page switching: in multiple logo environment only new/modifed logos will be displayed with transition, the others will stay on air.
- Preview is always available over VGA and also on video output if available.
- Scaling.
- Multiple layer and priority management.
- Safe screen and auto alignement: 0, 5, 10 %.
- Upload and download to internal logo library.
- Indipendent resolution confi gurable on each output channel.

*(Option available only if combined with SOCIAL HUB).

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