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BARRACUDA is both a broadcast Stereo Generator and a digital RDS encoder with static services.
BARRACUDA has a front LCD screen that shows all the working parameters and a jog wheel/button to change parameters directly over the equipment.
BARRACUDA allows to generates a MPX-RDS signal to feed your transmitter, coming from an Analog or Digital input signal.
One more input is featured: to use BARRACUDA only as RDS encoder and use the analog/digital audio inputs as secondary inputs and then place a new RDS signal.
BARRACUDA is the most versatile, cost effective and reliable solution designed for the broadcaster's looking for a complete equipment for a single, or a multiple transmitter-site data remote chain.

- Digital Stereo Generator DSP-based
- 24/7 Reliable
- Digital RDS Encoder with static services
- Analog and Digital inputs over XLR connectors
- 2 MPX+RDS output ports, 2 SCA Inputs ports
- 2 Serial Rs232 ports, 1 GPin port with TA features
- Remote software and ASCII parser supported

Specially designed to be installed into master control room or remote transmitter site, BARRACUDA receives audio from STLs or Satellite links, allowing an Analog Left+Right balanced inputs, a Digital in AES/EBU input format and a MPX multiplex inputs.
BARRACUDA encodes the audio incoming into a multiplexed output, in order to achieve a complete MPX signal over BNC connectors.
The stereo generator audio controls are featured with state-of-the art spectral and encoding performances: the digital modulation is generated via a DSP with 24 bits DAC @ 768 kHz with more than 100dB dynamics.

The fully digital structure allows the broadcaster to set all the parameters via software with no-trim regulation over the equipment.
BARRACUDA has two operative Audio Control modes: full-linear, to preserve the original sound pattern and clipper audio, to keep always the total deviation under law-limit.

Moreover, BARRACUDA provides a digital Radio-Data-System encoder integrated, to broadcasts station name and additional information, such as Program Service, also known as "radio station name"; the Radio Text service to deliver information about the song title and author; the RDS scheduler, to generate a complete scheduling of your "On Air" messages; the TP (Traffic Program) and the TA (Traffic Announcement.
The software to manage BARRACUDA comes with the equipment, to establish a communication with an ordinary Pc windows-based; BARRACUDA features an 8-input for GPIn purpose and two Rs232 serial ports in Bidirectional mode or Unidirectional mode. This is helpful to connect the encoder with a satellite receiver so to allow remote management.

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