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DJPro Classic
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DJPro Classic is a complete Radio Automation System.

DJPro Classic perfectly matches the needs both of big structured radio network and of regional and local ones.
More than 1500 radio broadcasters all over the world choose DJPro Classic for private and public radio stations.

DJPro Classic is a powerful and reliable playout software assuring the maximum stability and safety on-the-air.

DJPro Classic matches all requirements a broadcaster needs during the daily radio workflow, maximizing all the tasks to save time and resources.

- Complete radio automation system for network and regional radio stations
- Stand-alone, networked and multi servers operative modes
- Multiple On Air Playout and advertisement management areas
- Advanced music and commercial scheduling
- Printable advertisement, songs, author and news report
- Nonstop playlist management of external feeds
- Hotkeys for instant replay and jingle machine
- Any kind of audio boards and multiple formats supported
- Streaming, RDS, SMS and web/social media interface
- 10+ language supported and unicode format

DJPro Classic is a powerfull and reliable Playout software, assuring the maximum stability and safety on-the-air.

DJPro Classic matches all requirements needs by a broadcaster during the daily radio workflow, can renew the tailor remaining still the Broadcaster identity.

DJPro Classic can manage more than one radio station, with simultaneous or multiple playout improved by different advertisement areas networks (aka advertisement split).
At the same time, DJPro Classic can also broadcast different newscast for different interest areas.
The OnAir module is the result of several years of research on the automation ergonomic use.
The GUI displays the main on air playout channel, and other information are displayed simultaneously, the advertisement block-time, as well as the preparation and helper tools: cue/pfl, auxiliary input monitoring, playlist real-time modification, auto-recorder and time signal announcement.

DJPro Classic is a powerful, complete and hard configurable complete Automation system.
It can be configured with different redundancy levels to manage one or more servers using the "Automatic Autochange Network Connection" without any On Air interruption.
Thousands of workstations can be managed via Lan. DJPro Classic Manages the LogIn and the LogOut of each user, Password protected, with different access levels.
The Playout is compatible with multiple audio formats, such as .Wav .Mp3 . Mp2 .Mpg .

DJPro Classic offers a wide range of features for OB applications.

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