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DML records A/V contents coming from the widest variety of sources (composite, Y/C, Antenna, SAT, etc) and stores them on Hard Disk (recordings stay on line depending on hard disks capacity, usually: 30/60/90 days as required by laws in many countries).

DML system is totally maintenance free and oldest recordings are overwritten by the newest ones automatically.
Video compression/quality vary according to the archive space and the logging period chosen.
Recording quality may be as high as "broadcast A/V".
Content is accessible from the DML as well from any networked computer, never stopping the recording.
With the DML Player software, content can be easily edited and downloaded on external media such as VHS, CD, DVD and converted to the most popular video formats.

DML files are standard Windows multimedia files, which can also be played on any ordinary multimedia player.
System status is constantly monitored either locally, thanks to DML-embedded tools, as well as from any networked computer running the DML Monitor free software.
Whenever rising, alarms may be notified via email or SMS.

DML is designed for:
- TV broadcasting law obligations
- Advertisement certification
- Monitoring of TV channels and programs
- Video & audio quality monitoring
- A/V streaming over Internet
- CCTV Internal / DVR
- DVB-T and DVT-S TS recording
- Ready for HD Recording

- Mono & Multi-channel A/V recordings
- Archive any logging period 30, 60, 90, 180, 365 days...
- Replace video tapes and old Time Lapse
- Compatible M-JPEG, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DIVX, DV, H264
- Export movie/clip to CD, DVD, VHS, e-mail
- SubTitle on home DVD player for Date/Time info
- Accurate GPS Date and Time synchronization
- Alarm notification via E-mail and SMS
- Languages: ENG, ESP, ITA, FRA, and more
- Streaming over IP

DML Recorder supports a large variety of video formats, compressions and resolutions, from the efficient and 'handy' DIVX and MPEG-4 to the more traditional MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and M-JPEG.
Simultaneous capture and Windows Media © streaming allows viewing of encoded A/V signal from anywhere through Internet.

DML architecture is future-proof and conceived for the easiest integration of any new video format.
Date and time display are superimposed onto video signal or embedded into the A/V data stream.
Accurate date and time certification is guaranteed through synchronization to GPS satellites time reference with Axel Technology's Sat Time Synchronizer receiver.

DML Recorder status is constantly monitored by auto-diagnostic tools.
In case of alarms, the operator is warned via email or SMS. Monitored parameters: Disk activity / video presence / audio presence / instant data-rate / average data-rate / A/V stream integrity.


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