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Digiware Radio
Digiware Radio


DIGIWARE RADIO is the comprehensive software designed to manage playlists in Radio stations, available in full and light version.
Specially designed to be interfaced with DJ-PRO for Radio playout DIGIWARE RADIO is a quick, effective way to get the job done.

DIGIWARE RADIO has been especially designed to be improved in the Radio environment needs.
It helps you to create Radio programming automatically and generates music playlists that never repeat exactly the same way twice.

A good music rotation creates a big audience and keeps your listeners tuned.
Your efficiency and productivity are also increased, giving you more time to focus on other aspects of your operation.

- Powerful software to manage the complete Radio playlist
- Graphic interface with icons, CD cover and thumbnails
- Edit, preview, Cue and set marker point runtimes of your audio
- Build clocks, scheduling and playlist quickly by using pre-scheduled elements
- Create charts by rotation, themes, timing, random or category
- Import and Export features from Axel Technology's automation or third-party scheduler
- Audio database direct link with DjPRO Classic and DjPRO Enterprise
- Create copyright and performance printed reports, using customizable or preset formats

DIGIWARE RADIO plans your programming in the smartest way, using playlists that contains audio media totalling up to 24 hours in duration organized in tasks, programmed in a daily, weekly, or season-long schedule.

Planning strategies are employed to give programs the best possible chanceof attracting and retaining audience, and DIGIWARE RADIO helps the broadcaster to get this target.

DIGIWARE RADIO graphic interface has been particularly considered: multiple channel playlists with differential commercial zone management will result very easy to handle.

The scheduler has been created using a Top-down concept via step by step refining, considering also the unavailability of media and programmes at time of the playlist creation.

Playlist can be modified in real time up to a few seconds before broadcasting.

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