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Falcon Five TV
Falcon Five TV
Falcon Five TV Elite
Falcon Five TV Elite
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Falcon Three TV SDI


FALCON FIVE TV is a 5-Band fully digital audio processor, featuring the most up-to-date technologies.

FALCON FIVE TV shapes the TV's sound, exalting its charisma and appeal, providing distinctive colors to each single program always under the maximum control of modulation and assuring absolute peak control.

The core is a powerful DSP engine including 5-Band audio processor, super-bass enhancer, brilliance circuit.
With a precise AGC, FALCON FIVE TV keeps always the right level, avoiding over modulation and audio bouncing between different programs (ie movies, advertisement, live programs).
Dialog and musical background are preserved by any kind of audio "pumping effect".
The audio treatment managed by FALCON FIVE TV is the cutting-edge technology in sound processing, with 5-Band processing and filtering DSP-Technology based for a reliable 24/7 non-stop working.

FALCON FIVE TV features the best price/features ratio in the broadcast equipment market.

- Digital TV Audio Processor 5-Band
- Protection against audio over modulation
- Powerful AGC and 3-Band Equalizer
- Bass enhancer with Overdrive control
- Final 5-Band limiter, Brilliance and LookAhead control
- Real lip-synch audio/video
- Analog and Digital in-out with failure changeover
- Automation interface, GPS, NTP and SNMP supported
- Web interface and PC software

FALCON FIVE TV is an audio processors specially designed for TV, DVB-T and DVB-S and web broadcasting.

FALCON FIVE TV features the most up-to-date technologies, digital multiband processing architecture.

FALCON FIVE TV manages the audio/video sync fine tuning and guarantees perfect audio and video sync.
Fine adjustments on audio delay enable perfect audio video alignment.

A powerful software comes free of charge, giving total control over all parameters (f.i.: input gain, delay lip-synch, audio compression band) including user rights management secured by password protection levels.

FALCON FIVE TV features a hardware bypass, to continuously provide output signal even in case of fault.
In case of failure, FALCON FIVE TV supports SNMP alerting for automation systems.
The internal firmware can be updated, to empower your FALCON FIVE TV with the newest features yet to come.

The comprehensive communication features of these processors can be operated by simple local Rs232 connections, telephone pstn/pots modem, or via Lan/wan.
The password protected built-in web server displays operations in real-time directly in your Lan or all over the world.
FALCON FIVE TV allows HTTP, TCP/IP, UDP/IP, Telnet and SNMP protocol.

The front panel features 2 LCD displays, a rotative encoder and a headphone monitor output, everything carried in a 1 rack unit rugged box.
Power supply designed for worldwide operation 110Vac 60Hz or 230Vac 50Hz.

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