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Falcon 3i
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FALCON 3i is the most cost effective and high performing equipment combining Digital Audio Processor, Stereo Generator and RDS Encoder.
The all-in-one solution designed for FM broadcasting, WebRadio and Satellite stations.

FALCON 3i delivers a great sound, loud and clear, thanks to the 4-band architecture, the dual band AGCs, 3-band equalizer, speech detector, and 4 limiters.
The control of each audio parameter allows the broadcaster to achieve a unique tailored sound that before could be achieved only with the most expensive audio processors.

The built-in digital Stereo Generator assures an extremely precise MPX Signal.
The RDS Encoder (optional) is compliant to UECP SPB490, provides 2 DataSet with a wide range of static services, including Radio Text.

FALCON 3i features full connectivity with analogue and digital AES/EBU inputs and outputs (over XLR connectors) and 2 independent MPX outputs, USB, GPI and serial ports.
The hardware bypass circuit is always included to guarantee the presence of audio and continuity of audio programs.

- 4-Band digital stereo audio processor
- Analog and aes/ebu input and output over XLR
- 2 MPX outputs and 2 aux inputs
- Stereo generator with MPX clipper
- Digital RDS encoder, 2 dataset (optional)
- AGC, brilliance control, speech detector, 3-band eq
- USB, serial, 4 GP in - 4 GP out
- Front headphone output
- Hardware bypass

All features available in the audio processor are complete and fully customizable: 4-band compression control with drive and threshold, a powerful AGC double-band, a three-band equalizer for Low-Middle-High frequency and a brilliance control.
The check of the phases of the monophonic audio signals gives to the sound of the human voice a more natural and pleasant structure; the final limiter drive pushes to maximum the sound presence.

The soundprint of every transmitter can be created starting from one of the ten audio presets already present in FALCON 3i and it can be saved on the equipment in order to be able to recall it in a second moment accordingly to the program; furthermore it is also possible to recall a preset through a command on the GPIn port.

On board of the audio processor there is also a completely digital generator of sample tones with variable frequency and amplitude.
It is available on analogue, digital and MPX outputs for a precise and correct calibration of the network.

The Composite Clipper, put on the back side of the stereo generator guarantees the best modulation level, in respect of the deviation limits acknowledged by worldwide standards. Falcon 3i makes every sound unique and artifacts free.

FALCON 3i for all its features is the audio processor and RDS encoder with the best quality/price ratio on the market.

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