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The Turnkey TV MCR is the TV Master Control Room designed by Axel Technology to integrate all the tools necessary for TV channels to have the best quality and versatility of modern technology.

The Turnkey TV MCR is fully digital and tapeless, able to broadcast in HD or SD, fits any video format, logo & graphics, loudness control, 6 input video mixer, social networking interactivity, 8 TB storage, satellite clock synchronization and all integrated into a technical furniture.

The goal of Axel Technology goal is to provide broadcasters with a complete plug and play solution ready to go On-Air with the same quality of national broadcasters.
The Turnkey TV MCR has been designed to deliver the best video quality and provide full functionality at the lowest budget, according to the following fundamental points:
- Easy of use
- Easy maintenance
- Scalability

Based on these points, here below the description of our approach to configure a turnkey solution.

The solution is suitable for any kind of transmission: DVB-T, DVB-T2, Satellite and WEB radio station.

The solution is suitable for:
- Playout of files from the storage
- Broadcasting of live programs (news, talk show) from production studio (NOT included)
- Rebroadcast of incoming feed (satellite)

On Air TV Studio is composed by the following equipment:

- Technical furniture with 19 units rack
- Video Mixer:
4 SDI inputs
2 HDMI inputs
- Playout & Capture
- Logo Generator
- Advanced Graphics with Social Network integration
- 24/7 Logging and WEB Streaming unit (optional)
- TV Audio Processor & Loudness Control
- Pair of loudspeaker
- Cables and connectors

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