The NAB SHOW is the number 1 Convention world-wide for Radio, Television and their respective complementary digital industries. It’s the most important observatory on the future of the electronic media in the evolution of technology in the life of people. 

More than 100,000 operators coming from 120 different countries meet every year at the NAB SHOW in Las Vegas, probably one of the few cities in the whole planet that can provide suitable hotel and congressional capacity to welcome an event on such a scale.

The 2018 edition of the NAB SHOW broke past records both for professionals’ attendance and company partecipation; among the various themes discussed there was TV potentiality into drive automated cars and digital voice recognition to switch Radio on a specific station.

For the 22nd consecutive year AXEL TECHNOLOGY took part to the NAB SHOW with a booth on its own and with a high-level standard of impact. A team of 11 professional people belonging to the Company was available at the NAB SHOW to meet visitors and exchange their experience with AXEL TECHNOLOGY international distributors,,clients and new contacts.

AXEL TECHNOLOGY’s booth at the NAB SHOW 2018 was divided into 4 areas, 2 in the centre and 2 lateral ones. The main areas served as “Turnkey Radio” and “Turnkey TV” demonstration desks. Thanks to 2 appreciated mixer consoles and some large screen monitors AXEL TECHNOLOGY showed its on-air Radio and TV digital solutions with all details available in their best features.

On the Television side XTV and YOUPLAY attracted as many tv professionals who were led into the presentation by AXEL TECHNOLOGY’s TV Product Manager Marco Branzanti His firm voice and company’s spirit, enabled him to share his large competence and expertise by showing the ultimate innovations in the on-air TV systems.

The lateral areas were devoted to technical equipment. The first one was fully dedicated to the new OXYGEN 3000 console and its practical and ready-to-use configuration showed to be easily used for demos and tests. The second area presented AXEL TECHNOLOGY’s innovative hardware, sound processors, encoder and Network Management Systems.

The great director of the 2 lateral isles of AXEL TECHNOLOGY’s booth was its number 1 employee, Christian Sighinolfi, whose picture was the only one to be published in the prestigeous NAB DAILY NEWS while working and operating on his brand new console as representative of the whole company. Francesco Degli Esposti,software manager, took care of the functionality of the entire system.

Many other people must be mentioned, such as Giuseppe Vaccari, President and leader of AXEL TECHNOLOGY, probably one of the most known Italian broadcast persons in the world. The sales department worked non stop . Enrico Vaccari, the new entry Stefano Grego and their new assistants Simona Lippi e Alice Baldini didn’t have a break either. A great team, a value-driven company with a great passion for innovation.

What is happening now, after the end of the NAB SHOW 2018? Now there is a huge job, as after every great fair, hundreds of follow-up of operators and new clients and the preparation to the next event “BROADCAST ASIA” from 26th to 28th June in Singapore… and AXEL TECHNOLOGY will be on air again!