This information concerns the use of cookies in relation to the processing of personal data concerning individuals.  It must be deemed supplementary to and not a replacement of the provisions set out in the separate PRIVACY NOTICE, which must be referenced beforehand in order to understand this information.

A cookie is a small set of data used to store information in the data folders of your browser, or of your software, when you visit a website (such as the Site). They are used widely either to allow websites to operate or to operate more efficiently, and to provide information to the site’s Owners.

Unless anonymous, no personal data is intentionally collected by the Owner; data is, however, collected in order to compile a database of the activities carried out on the Site and of other preferences or user behaviour while browsing the Site.

The Site uses only technical cookies (i.e. text files stored on the device) which are suitable solely for sending session identifiers to ensure safe and efficient Site use, proper navigation, and correct Site operation. Technical cookies used are not stored permanently in the users’ computer systems, as they are deleted when the browser closes or at another time stated later.  These cookies are required technically to ensure safe and efficient Site exploration.

No tracking, persistent, or otherwise personalised  cookies will be used for user profiling purposes.  Cookies employed by third parties for analysis purposes are adopted to solely to generate completely anonymous, aggregate statistics, for the Owner and the said third party suppliers.

Set out below is a list of technical and other cookies used by the Site, the types of which vary according to their purpose

    • a) set by Google to generate website usage statistics, web_ga  valid for 2 years, _gid valid for 24 hours and _gat valid for 1 minute.
    • a) the language selected by the user – MVC PORTAL culture, valid for 1 year;
    • b) the unique identifier of the browser session to verify that the user accesses the Site from one position at a time, MVC_PORTALS_SessionId – valid for 24 hours;
    • c) size, order, and filtering of the columns in the “Pending orders” grid – PendingOrdersGrid, valid for 1 year;
    • d) size, order, and filtering of the columns in the “Imported orders” grid – ImportedOrdersGrid, valid for 1 year;
    • e) size, order, and filtering of the columns in the “Bills” grid –BillsGrid, valid for 1 year;
    • f) size, order, and filtering of the columns in the “Invoices” grid – InvoicesGrid, valid for 1 year.

The third-party suppliers of the following cookies (as well as related information) are set out below:

Google Analytics: anonymous statistical cookies – please see data protection policy:; in order to disable analysis cookies and prevent monitoring by Google Analytics in all websites, you can download the  Google Analytics Out feature (to deactivate analytics)  as an add-on to the browser, here:

The Site Owner does not own these cookies and is not responsible therefor.  The Owner has arranged for  the technical anonymisation of the aforesaid cookies on its website and has signed the amendment by Google to avoid the combination of data collected with other information.

If you prefer Google Analytics not to use the data collected in any way, you must:  a) navigate anonymously (using the “Do Not Track” option in  your browser);  to find out how to activate the option on the main search engines, refer to the browser you are using: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, MozillaFirefox, Apple Safari; or b)  disable Google Analytics on your browser by installing the relative disabling add-on.

Most browsers accept cookies automatically and allow them to be  controlled using  their own settings, even though the user is not required to accept them.  All cookies can be disabled  by changing your browser settings, following the appropriate procedures.   Useful tips on this are available here:

You can also use the following website to manually disable every single cookie, :

Obviously, disabling the various cookies may result in a poor Site operation due to the technical difficulties caused  or may even prevent Site use entirely.

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