Playout and Automation

Digi-TV Suite

Complete Television Automation System

DIGI-TV is a complete broadcast system for TV automation.
DIGI-TV system is the most scalable, reliable and cost effective architecture for TV automation.
DIGI-TV manages and controls the whole TV workflow, providing application and integration between the productive departments.

Several levels of redundancies and configurations to match any customer needs: mirror, RAIDs, N+1 or N+M structure, etc.

The structure can be easily expanded to follow the growth of the company/business: from single to multiple channels system, scale of storages and redundancies. Automatically creates a customized web page from where user can access (no password) to the shared contents, with expiration date if needed.

It is the module managing play-out and recording functions.
On the emission side, DIGI-BROADCAST drives the video server, features splitting management, assures the quality of emission.
On the recording side, DIGI-BROADCAST drives the Digi-Cart machine, controls external video switchers, allows automatic or manual recording from external sources (like satellite, VTRs, live, etc.).

Distinctive features of DIGI-BROADCAST are:
– ‘Time delay’ function: broadcasting of files during their recording, with very short time-delay to allow graphics overwriting.
– External VTR control for tape-based last-minute, ‘on the fly’ emissions.
– Video switcher control.
– Automatic caching of live emissions during broadcasting.
– Manual and full automatic operating of emissions.
– Jingle Function: live assist mode for semi-automatic broadcasting (f.i.Jingle-Machine).
– Logo and graphics overwriting management.


Reliability & Redundancies
Any file format: DV, HDV, MPEG-2, DVD, DIVX, MPEG-4, M-JPEG, H.264, H.265 QuickTime, WMV, MXF, Prores, DNXHD, XDCAM, ecc…
Graphics Automation: logos, clocks, tickers, animation, titling
NLE / Production integration
Workflow monitor and Supervisor

Technical specifications

  • Brand Axel Technology
    • Minimum Requirements
    • Operating System Microsoft Windows 10 or Windoes Server 2016
    • CPU Intel i5
    • RAM 8 GB
    • VGA 1920x1080
    • Video Cards AJA, BlueFish, BlackMagic DeckLink
    • Video Formats DV, HDV, MPEG-2, DVD, DIVX, MPEG-4, M-JPEG, H.264, H.265 Quicktime, WMV, MXF, PRORES, DNXHD, XDCAM, etc..
    • Routing Switcher Self customizable protocol on RS 232 / 422
    • GPI PCI, PCIe and Ethernet card

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