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DJPro Classic

Broadcast Radio Automation

Broadcast radio automation software, on air playout, jingle machine, recording, voice track, production tools, news, streaming. GPI.

DJPro Classic is a complete RADIO AUTOMATION SYSTEM.
DJPro Classic perfectly matches the needs both of big structured radio network and of regional and local ones. More than 1500 radio broadcasters all over the world choose DjPro Classic for private and public radio stations.


DjPro Classic is a powerful and reliable Playout software assuring the maximum stability and safety on-the-air.
DjPro Classic matches all requirements a broadcaster needs during the daily radio workflow, maximizing all the tasks to save time and resources.


Based on a ‘of Server-Client IT’ environment structure, DjPro Classic can be installed on many clients, using copper or optic fiber backbone as per customer needs.
It supports the latest operative system as Windows 7-32/64 bit and Windows 8.
Many redundancy level can be set: N+1, 1+1 or N+N.
Single server or multiple servers can be kept synchronized with continuous switching and no-on air interruption.
DjPro CLASSIC engine is stable, the inner core is powerful and extremely reliable for 24/7/365 application.


Each networked single client supporting the On Air module, can handlea single audio channel Playout or multiple On Air channels Playouts, with different playlist scheduling.
By using a multiple channel output audio board DjPro CLASSIC can easily manage different radio station, on the same workstation.


The playlist is rolled out on a single audio output, always keeping crossfade and audio overlap between playlist items.
By the way, the On Air configuration can be set to work with different audio outputs; DjPro CLASSIC lets you overlap the On Air audio ending, with the following one.
All crossfade parameters are set for each single audio resource as songs, jingles, sweepers and prerecorded programs, giving the radio station a different personality and meeting the needs of the music scheduler.

Voice tracks and IDs can be broadcasted with music in background and a slow/fast fade in/out to the next On Air item.
Each voice can also be recorded and in post-production the start and stop marker point can be manually set.


With the internal DjPro CLASSIC scheduler you are able to create a number of unlimited playlist.
Three level of scheduling: Musical, Events and Day Schedule:
· Musical allows to choose music randomly from a musical kind or a specified author and lets you define a music random playlist, based on different or similar music styles.
By the way, thanks to the internal DjPro CLASSIC database, the repetition of the same song, audio, resource or the same author can be avoided in a specified time period or specified time range.
· Events represents a specific audio broadcasting , based on a determined date and time.
The insertion can be made at an exact time or after waiting for the previous audio to be finished and mixing both audios.
· Day Schedule is the maximum level of automation, where each single On Air item can be selected and configured by the user.


Traffic and Commercials can be managed automatically with different airtimes associated to a single customer advertisement scheduling.
Date of issue, expiration, per day number of repetition, priority, opener/closer are parameters that are managed by the internal advertisement module.
The radio station can inform the customer about the scheduled advertisement air time with a printable form and also provide a certification once the advertisement has been broadcasted.


External audio feeds can be seamless integrated into the playlist: Satellite receivers, STL links and audio Internet streams can be routed inside an auxiliary DjPro CLASSIC channel and managed as an external audio feed; they can be also turned On/Off Air depending on the time or contact closer (GPIN).
DjPro CLASSIC can be a perfect partner for local, regional or relay radio stations, that re-broadcast the main network.
By handling GPIO cards, the local playlist or the regional advertisements can be broadcasted locally and any kind of program can be different from the main network, increasing the advertising ncoming. network, increasing the advertising incoming.


The powerful internal DjPro CLASSIC engine allows the handling of a wide range of audio boards; DjPro supports both the broadcast level audio sound cards and the conventional ones.
Moreover, DjPro CLASSIC, manages also multiple outputs audio boards and more than one soundcard.
For what concerns the audio formats, the broadcaster does not need to convert the existing audio archive: DjPro CLASSIC broadcasts audios with different format, bitrate and sample frequency and it is compatible with the most of broadcast-standard formats used all around the world as MPG, MP2, MP3 and WAV.


DjPro Classic generates daily reports with all broadcasted items. This is made to comply local or regional laws and the right management.
DjPro Classic also keeps track of all operations made by the operators in .log files that can be browsed by the administrators.


DjPro Classic can interface and synchronize the radio playlist with the AxelTechnology’s TV playout system DigiTv.
The broadcaster can generate a media network with contribution from radio and TV.


DjPro CLASSIC allows two cartridge of instant replay jingle machine: each single cartridge allows up to 21 jingles in every customizable page.
In Dj Pro it’s possible to create and store a total of 100 pages.
More than 4000 audio cuts can be played instantly, in any order and as many times as needed. Building your own page is immediate and intuitive.
Provide your radio stations programs a special touch of energy!
With a single mouse click an audio can be played out from the audio board dedicated channel.


DIGIWARE: Advanced software to manage every playlist with import also from Music Master, Selector, Power Gold and third party scheduling software.
RAMCOMM: Advanced software for advertisement scheduling and contract management for multiple channels, with playlist Import/Export. Advertising, invoicing/billing management, Agent/Area management.
SUPERVISOR: Multiview System monitoring with alarm recognition and plugin for alarm intervention. System status health monitoring, alarm notification and system fault management.
OFF-LINE Recorder: Audio digital recorder from satellite, external audio feeds, scheduled Start/Stop, GPI commands, time based commands and VOX (threshold level).
SOCIAL HUB: Software to manage incoming information from SMS, E-Mail, Fax, telephone manager, Facebook, Twitter and any kind of social network.
DML Digital Media Logger: 1 audio channel recording. Audio multi format encoding and audio MP3; Configuration hardware & software; it includes DML Player application, DML Monitor and Live streaming in .wma.
ONAIR CLOCK: Software license for studio clock with timer, count up and count down. Interface with GPIn from mixing console, On Air Lamps or third party devices.
SAT TIME SYNC: Sat Time Synchronizer software (client/server for LAN networks) for PC time synchronization with sat GPS receiver. 10m serial cable included.


DjPro Classic supports the most common broadcast audio formats level as MP1, MP2, MP3 and PCM linear Wave.
In any case the audio formats can be automatically converted. DjPro Classic also supports all the windows compatible WDM driver, Digigram VX_Series, MoTu AudioExpress, Lynx and Antex audio boards.


Complete radio automation system for network and regional radio stations
Stand-alone, networked and multi servers operative modes
Multiple on air playout and advertisement management areas
Advanced scheduling of music and commercials
Reports e statistiche su pubblicità, canzoni, autori e news
Printable advertisements, songs, authors and news reports
Hotkeys for instant replay and jingle machine
Any kind of audio boards and multiple formats supported
Streaming, RDS, SMS and web/social media interface
10+ Languages supported and unicode format

Technical specifications

  • Brand Axel Technology
  • Item DJ-PRO
  • Groups Radio Automation
  • Type Software
  • Area Radio
  • Technical Specifications
  • Compatible Audio formats mp3, wav, mp2
  • Ethernet newtork 100Mbps and/or 1Gbps
  • Technology Client/Server
  • Minimum System Requirements
  • CPU 2.66 GHz or faster, 4 cores or more recommended
  • RAM 4 GB Minimum
  • VGA Video card: Nvidia / ATI -grade GPU with resolution
  • USB 1 usb port for hardware dongle
  • Minimum Software Requirements
  • S.O Windows XP (Service Pack 3), Windows Vista, Windows 7, Widows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008. Both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems are supported
  • Framework . NET 4.0

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