Broadcast Digital FM Tuner


Digital Broadcast FM Tuner

Digital FM broadcast receiver. Balanced analog and digital AES/EBU audio output. Audio streaming. Dual LAN/USB. Headphone output on front panel. Universal power supply.

Lynx is an evolved Broadcast Digital FM Tuner, designed for receiving, monitoring, visualize and listen the FM radio signals. The built in web interface allow to multiple users to visualize all the parameters and details of the incoming signal. The tuned frequency’s audio is available on the analog balanced output (XLR), on the digital output AES/EBU (XLR), on the headphone output and via streaming. At the same time. The quality and accuracy of the built-in tuner allow a very strict analysis of the tuned frequency, the modulation and the RDS data decoding.

The Lynx’s display always show the tuned frequency and, cyclically, all the following parameters:

– RF Level incoming
– Multipath
– Carrier Offset
– Audio
– Pilot and RDS
Decoding RDS:
– PS
– PI
– TA
– TP
– MS
– DI
– AF Presence
– RT / RT+

The display allow you also to finetune and adjust all the setting
of Lynx as:
– IP Ethernet port
– Digital and Analog level output
– Time and treshold alarm
– Headphone level

On the frontal panel the headphone output allow you to listen
the tuned frequency. The led panel (STATU LED PANEL) show
you in a clear way the receiving status:
– Tuned
– Stereo
– 3 different alarms: Low RD, Low Audio and RDS Errors.

The built in web server allow to preview the following details:
– RF Level incoming
– Carrier Offset
– Multipath
– Adjacent Channel
– Alternative Channel

– Audio
– Pilot

Audio parameter decodified:
– L/R peak
– Imnbalance
– Mono
– MPX Power

Audio spectrum streaming received.

RDS Decoding:
PS, RT, PI, EON, BLER, CT, TP, TA, MS, DI, PTY, PTYN, PIN, transmitted groups

Presence of services of CT, AF, RT, RT+, TMX, EON, IH, LA, EG, ILS, LSN.

List of all the alternative frequency, up to a 64 lists, A/B list analyzes and REG check. Preview of EON data.
Page welcome to RDS statistic analysis and decoding of the RDS flux with the possibility of download for a better analysis.


Technical specifications

  • Brand Axel Technology
  • Item PUMA
  • Groups FM Re-Broadcast Receiver
  • Type Equipment
  • Area Radio
  • Gross weight 5 kg
  • Net weight 4 kg
  • Height 12 cm
  • Length 33 cm
  • Width 52 cm
  • Volume 20592 cm3

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