Broadcast Console

Oxygen 3000

Digital Console Broadcast

Oxygen 3000 digital broadcast console with 10 faders. IN: 5 mic (+48V), 6 analog stereo, 1 digital, 1 tuner, 2 USB-audio, Bluetooth. OUT: 8 analog, 1 digital, 2 USB-audio. 1 Telephone / 1 Telco. 3-band equalizer. Compressor. AGC. Delay. GPIO for Fader start and OnAir Lamp.

Characterized by an elegant design and compact size, Oxygen 3000 has been designed for both On Air and Production studios. Oxygen 3000 is based on digital technology with DSP audio processing to deliver high-end quality, latest features and flexibility with ease of use.
Oxygen 3000 is the number 1 of the category at the best quality/price ratio. Oxygen 3000 is a powerful and compact unit featuring 10 faders, meters for each single channel, built-in 7 inch display for settings, wide range of connectivity and accessories in a rugged and classy steel chassis.
Easy and realiable as the analogue mixing consoles, Oxygen 3000 adds the value of the digital engine that grants a near 0 latency ( < 0,7 ms I/O ) and plenty of advanced functions as the the internal routing signal, customizable preset and easy recall, user defined smart keys, analog and digital I/O.


Digital broadcast audio console with audio routing
10-fader 100mm
Full Colour 7” TFT display and RGB LEDs
5 Microphones, 8 Stereo Analog In (3 Balanced on XLR3)
Telephone Hybrid, 2 USB Audio, 1 Digital I/O AES/EBU
4 busses direct routing buttons on each channel (PGM,SUB,AUX-1,AUX2)
5-Band Full Parametric equalizer and dynamic microphone processors
Bluetooth Audio Connection, 1 Telco Interface for external Telephone Hybrid.
Redundant Power Supply (opt.)

Technical specifications

  • Brand Axel Technology
  • Item OXYGEN 3000
  • Groups Broadcast Console
  • Type Equipment
  • Area Radio
  • Gross weight 24 kg
  • Net weight 22 kg
  • Height 35 cm
  • Length 70 cm
  • Width 93 cm
  • Microphone Inputs
  • Microphone inputs 1-2-3-4-5 XLR Female, + 48V Phantom
  • Inputs replicated from XLR to RJ45: 2-3-4-5, balanced with + 48V Phantom and GPIO
  • Telco Microphone No. 5 mutually exclusive
  • Analogue inputs lines
  • Line Inputs 8
  • Balanced inputs 3 Line In XLR Female
  • Unbalanced Inputs 4 Line Up Pin Rca
  • Aux Input 1 Line In Jack 3.5mm shared between AUX-IN
  • Digital input line
  • Digital Input 1 Input S / PDIF on XLR
  • Telephone hybrid and Telco
  • Telephone Hybrid 1 POTS/PSTN telephone line with Line.In and Tel.Set
  • Telco 1 in/out N-1 to connect external telephone hybrid with control via TLC/GPIO
  • TalkBox
  • Direct connection to TalkBox equipment up to 2 TalkBoxes, 1 Guest and 1 Studio
  • Analogue Outputs
  • Line Outputs 8
  • Balanced outputs 4 Line out on XLR male - PGM, SUB, AUX-1, AUX-2
  • Unbalanced outputs 2 Line out on Pin Rca - REC-1, REC-2
  • Unbalanced outputs 2 Line out on RCA Pin for Control Room and StudioSpeaker
  • Digital output
  • Digital Output 1 output S/PDIF format on XLR
  • Headphones and local monitor outputs
  • Monitoring 2 headphones jack of 6.3mm and a 2W speaker for local monitoring
  • Balanced outputs 2 Line out on hj4s - phone (1 for studio and 1 for guest)
  • GPI
  • IN 16 in total, for Talk back or other associated features
  • OUT 12 total, to control OnAir lamps or Fader Start to external devices

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