Broadcast Console

Oxygen 3

Professional broadcast console with unbalanced inputs and control tones:3 micro/line eq , 2line/line eq, 1phono/line eq, 2 telephone hybrids with conference, autofader, balanced and unbalanced audio outputs, Cut-Off out monitor from first Mic/Line channel, On Air lamp control.

OXYGEN 3 is a compact audio console for On Air and production in the broadcast radio field. It is very simple to use and provides maximum operating flexibility.
The OXYGEN 3 console is a complete and self contained piece of hardware, requiring no additional equipment to operate.
All relevant functions are built-in, such as 2 telephone hybrids with meeting capabilities, On Air lamp control, Monitor loudspeaker cut-off and Talk-Over facility.
The console features 3 micro inputs and 9 stereo inputs (1 of which configured by default for Phono sources).

OXYGEN 3 console is available in two versions: with or without EQ controls on Input channels (respectively called OXYGEN 3 and OXYGEN 3 ST).
Each console has always two balanced outputs plus a number of unbalanced outputs provided on Pin Rca connectors.
Furthermore, while the OXYGEN 3 features unbalanced LINE inputs (PinRca connectors), the OXYGEN 3 ST features electronically balanced LINE inputs on Jack 1/4” female connectors.

The frame is inox steel & aluminium made, with wood finishing touch available as an option. Electronic components have been selected from the best on the market. In particular, the parts mostly subject to tear and wear (such as switchers, faders and potentiometers) are by Alps.

Two large LED meters with peak memory allow a constant and fine control of Master and Monitor signals. The external switching power supply, operating between 90 and 260 Vac, assures maximum reliability and a world-wide use.


2 Built-in telephone hybrids
3 Microphone Inputs
9 Stereo Inputs
Very easy to operate

Technical specifications

  • Brand Axel Technology
  • Item OXYGEN 3
  • Groups Broadcast Console
  • Type Equipment
  • Area Radio
  • Gross weight 9 kg
  • Net weight 8 kg
  • Height 29 cm
  • Length 49 cm
  • Volume 83839 cm3

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