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Social Hub

Social Network Content Manager for Broadcasting

Social Hub software license: social network content manager. Automatic retrieving and broadcasting of Facebook/Twitter messages, Flickr images and SMS from mobile phones. GSM gateway to manage SMS included. Android device to manage WhatsApp messages not included.

SOCIALHUB is a software based solution that retrieves messages from social network and texts from mobile phones, then organizing them for DJs/TV presenters.

The system manages accounts from multiple social networks at the same time; it catalogues incoming contents leaving user full flexibility to edit and select which message is most suitable for the broadcasting.

The full integration with CG softwares such as DlgPlus and CgLive, allows to customize any graphic aspect of the message, showing it as a ticker, crawl, static text and combine it with elements like logos, lower thirds, animation for channel branding and live graphic templates.
The automatic retrieving and broadcasting function has been designed to use SocialHub also in MCR environment for themed channel like music televisions and sport channels, displaying on-air messages 24/7 or according to the automation playlist without any manual operation.

Tv stations can take advantage of this feature to give a “live” look to recorded channels letting people comment music videos, request songs and send on Tv their favourite photos.

NB: Please do not update Whatsapp to its latest version.
Kindly use the version downloadable from the following link: Whatsapp for Social Hub


Technical specifications

  • Brand Axel Technology
  • Groups Social Network
  • Type Software
  • Area Radio/TV

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