FM Monitoring

Wolf 2MS

FM Monitoring, Measurement System & Streaming

Dual FM monitoring system for FM networks. Double internal tuner with configurable band scan. Real time measures on RF, MPX, Audio and RDS decoder with group sequence. HTTP, SNMP, FTP and XML protocol. Web server,double audio streaming for monitor. 2xLAN/USB and GPIO. Headphone output. Universal PSU

Wolf 2MS is a state-of-the-art monitoring system, designed to supervise FM air signals.
The accuracy of the onboard twin tuners allows a very rigorous frequencies scan, high performances in FM reception, MPX audio encoding and RDS data streaming.
This cutting-edge equipment features three main operating modes: continuously reception, bandscan and smart bandscan.
The FM static modality allows to focus on a single channel, selected and monitored exclusively.
Scan mode implies that up to 32 channels for each tuner can be scanned and supervised in a single analysis.
Receiving up to 64 memories in total, Wolf 2MS allows a complete and accurate scrutiny of RF, MPX, RDS, Audio and RDS data dynamic services.

In smart mode the channel scan time is adjusted automatically according to instantaneous measurements requirements.

Outstanding quality of Wolf 2MS is the integration into a Network Management System.
Supporting SNMP protocol, all data and information captured during FM monitoring can be delivered to a NMS such as Axel Technology RANGER and can be graphically displayed on any kind of web interface.
For simplest configurations not requiring NMS software, Wolf 2MS can send via email a daily report of the 24 hours events. Wolf 2MS provides a database sheet to manage this information.

Two built-in audio streamers are an essential feature of Wolf 2MS; left/right decoded audio channels can be streamed to a remote logging system that records both audio and data coming from the transmitter site.
The audio stream can also be sent to a remote player for audio-on-demand purposes. From any site users can listen to each single FM tuner and streamed audio, using any Internet browser.
Two onboard network interfaces provide maximum flexibility in streaming and connectivity processes. From PCs, tablets and smartphones broadcasters can control completely Wolf 2MS and access all data and alarms. When an alarm rises, it is the NMS system that sends notifications via SMS or email or takes an action to fix any possible issue.

External input sources are available: analog Left+Right and digital AES/EBU inputs. Users can connect audio to the external input sources that should be under control. These audio inputs are constantly monitored: silence detection (Threshold/time and level), left and right presence, peak left, peak right.

Not to mention that Wolf 2MS, developed with the latest technology, is fanless and free of wear parts of any kind.
Thorough tests, performed also by end users, showed that Wolf 2MS circuits are extremely safe and completely unaffected by any kind of radiofrequency interferences.


Real time measurement for FM networks
Double FM Tuner
Signal analysis modules RF, MPX, audio and RDS
Configurable bandscan for each FM tuner
Embedded web server for worldwide consultation
Double audio over-IP streaming for monitoring
More than 22 settings per each of the 64 memory
Double RDS decoder with group sequence decoding
SNMP and HTTP web interface and FTP supported
Double ethernet ports and double USB interfaces
Analog auxiliary input and AES/EBU
High shielded against strong RF fields

Technical specifications

  • Brand Axel Technology
  • Item WOLF MS
  • Groups FM Off-Air Monitoring And Streaming
  • Type Equipment
  • Area Radio
  • Gross weight 5 kg
  • Net weight 4 kg
  • Height 12 cm
  • Length 33 cm
  • Width 52 cm
  • Volume 20592 cm3

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