Playout and Automation


Music TV Playlist Generator for XTV

XMUSIC TV Engine: scheduling for Music TV

Powerful software add-on designed to automatically create daily playlists for music television channels.
It selects videoclips in realtime, according to user defined rules for specific hours/days of the week.
Graphical styles can be customized to change the overlay layout according to the music genre.
XMUSIC works perfectly as a filler: it guarantees 24/7 self-generating scheduling, even without setting and in case users forgot to plan their playlist.


Definizione di regole personalizzabili
Inserimento di videoclip in tempo reale
Altamente integrabile al playout di XTV di Axel Technology
Variazione dei layout grafici in accordo ai generi musicali

Technical specifications

  • Brand Axel Technology
  • Item XTV
  • Groups TV Automation
  • Type Software
  • Area TV

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