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XPlayout Web

Automation & Playout for Web TV

XPlayout Web software licence – Playout for IP/WEB TV. Multiple playout (DV, HDV, MPG, VOB, WMV, QuickTime, H.264, etc.). Includes XTrimmer, XScheduler, XRouter, XRemote, XEmergency. Logo generation, Control of switchers, GPIs and serial devices.

XPlayout web is a professional complete set of software tools for Web TV stations which manages from scheduling, trimming, to playout, switching automatically from recorded videos to live sources combined together into the schedule. Completely automatic unattended operativity 24/7.

XPlayout web is perfect for web tv that requires a true broadcast playout software with all the features required in a traditional tv station which can take advantage of its web oriented options and a user friendly interface. At the same time multi-channel web tv stations can enjoy XTV scalable structure and universal file compatibility.

Internet broadcasting is normally understood from the most of the audience, as a playout over ip of recorded clips sequenced together or the streaming of a live event.
Now with XPlayout web, everyone can run a real playlist as a classic tv channel, combining pre-recorded tv programs with live source such as a studio talk show, news or a live venue, using just one advanced tool to match all the possibilities of a classic tv channel into your internet web tv.



All in one web broadcast playout, routing from a pre-recorded clips schedule to live programs
Complete workflow management tools: scheduling, trimming, graphic composer
Multiple formats playout, automatic up/down scaling and aspect ratio adjustment (16/9, 4/3)
Multiple formats playout in the same playlist: Dv, HDV, Mpeg-2, DVD, DIVX, Mpeg-4, Mpeg-1, H.264, WMV, MXF, QuickTime etc... resolutions and framerates automatic adaption.
Direct file playout from NLE (no transcoding)
Multichannel and high availability configurations
Automatic management of time during playout (delay/ahead) with filler
Live source fullhandling inside the playlist control of VTR, Switcher
Clip trimming and metadatas for advertisement insertion and graphic contents
Hot Key feature for instant videos playout
Four audio channel controls
Graphic overlay: logos, clocks, tickers, animations
User friendly playlist view with explicative colour scheme
A run and system logs for certification
File sharing on lan architecture
Fast, powerful, reliable and maintenance free

Technical specifications

  • Brand Axel Technology
  • Item XTV
  • Groups TV Automation
  • Type Software
  • Area TV

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