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Software license YouMix for SDI SD/HD cards. Suitable for Youtube, Skype, video files, webcams and images.

YouMix is the ideal companion for any Production Video Mixer, allowing to add different and innovative features.
YouMix generates a complete video signal with multiple picture-in-picture (DVE) and multiple layers of complex graphics.

In each DVE or background user can add:
– Live sources coming from a capture card
– IP streams coming from LAN/Internet
– Desktop grabs (defining the captured area)
– Video files in loop
– Overlay graphics on backround and PIPs
– NDI inputs and outputs
Traditional video mixers do not allow to play files, decode IP streams, or generate complex graphics: with YouMix you can fulfill complex effects with a brodcast look without extra equipment and with no limit of DVE channels for PIP.
Using the IP stream input and YouMix you can finally fill your DVEs like havig a IP decoder, fill your DVE’s with NDI, or use desktop grabbing to fill it with Skype.
All graphics is also generated by YouMix, delivering a ready to use video signal output, freeing up other resources of your production video mixer.


Grab desktop and incoming video calls from any PC or mobile device
Broadcast quality composite/SDI output
CG titling with animated backgrounds, crawls, rolls, lower-thirds, Flash animation, logos
Skype®, Msn® and Yahoo® messenger compatible and others

Technical specifications

  • Brand Axel Technology
  • Item YOUMIX
  • Groups Desktop Grabber
  • Type Software
  • Area TV
  • Minimum Requirements
  • OS Windows 10
  • CPU Intel I-7
  • Ram 16GB
  • Card Nvidia GTX
  • Other Cards: BLACKMAGIC decklink multichannel

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