Capodarco l’Altro Festival “Radio in 2019” The workshop by Axel Tech promoting innovation in the broadcasting world

July 11, 20195 Minutes
Capodarco l’Altro Festival 2019

Axel Technology took part in the Capodarco l’Altro Festival 2019, the event that since 2005 aims to analyze social and environment themes by giving space to these items and by enhancing the work of journalists, authors, artists, writers, directors and audio/video communication specialists working in this field. This meeting takes place in the Community of Capodarco, directed by Don Vinicio Albanesi.

The program of the festival included numerous appointments, among which stands out ‘Radio in 2019’, a free workshop promoted by the two communication masters Claudio Astorri and Andrea Pellizzari. The event focused on the role of Visual Radio, the new communication way that combines visual contents with radio production.

THE ROLE OF AXEL“Our role at the Capodarco Festival was not only as conference sponsor but also as operational and pragmatic promoter of innovation technologies for the future. Our purpose was to extend the radio range effect with particular attention also to DTT and cable tv.” explains Claudio Astorri, Radio specialist of Axel Tech, professor at Università Cattolica in Milan and consultant for some of the major Italian broadcasters. According to Astorri Visual Radio is a crucial theme for reaching a radio identity, widely supported by the June 27 workshop: “This new communication tool represents an important step for the future but, above all, it represents a very significant present, as you can see by reading our records. Data confirm that Visual Radio is the third device to be used. Even if it’s not able to compete with radio devices, it ranks before smartphones, PCs and tablets. We are talking about 4 million 500 thousand daily users”.
Many people doubt of the real role of this hybrid communication device, will it replace the dear old radio? Andrea Pellizzari, artistic director of the Capodarco Festival, conductor and author of many successful formats for Rai, Mediaset, RDS and Radio Deejay answers to this question: “I think that today there is nothing of the kind able to replace it. I believe that there are new opportunities and Visual Radio is certainly able to seize them. Its power lies in giving the opportunity to use a new communication tool, which will reach more people and will use new channels, making everything easier. We talk about an automation that helps the content production, usually very complicated because of the numerous directives to be followed at the same time. Visual radio will be able to extend the action range of those who work in the radio field. Pellizzari speaks not only of users, but also about speakers: “The subjects involved in the Visual Radio content production will be at the same level of those who work in traditional radios, they will be able to increase their own skills. This tool simplifies processes, adding new factors that were not previously present”.

CONTRIBUTE, ALWAYS – The presence of Axel Technology at the Capodarco l’Altro Festival is certainly a good opportunity to show the company skills, its participation has to be seen not as a job opportunity, but on the contrary as: the desire to be part of this great collective commitment – explains Astorri – and if Capodarco is synonymous of a social involvement, the ‘Altro Festival’ is its emblem. An example of this engagement is the ‘Weak Link’ award, focused in social communication”.
The workshop ‘Radio in 2019’, attended by the artistic director of the Festival Andrea Pellizzari, highlighted a serious lack of support paths for those who want to grow in the radio industry: “The choice to organize it as a free workshop wanted to give support to professionals who work in this field, so difficult to relate with. There are no courses nor schools, broadcasters show no interest in teaching their profession. Within the Capodarco l’Altro Festival it was also decided to create workshops for anyone involved in communication. We will extend these initiatives to those who are interested in tv, broadcasting, writing, photography and anyone who wants to do this work professionally”.