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The complete Radio Studio

The Turnkey Radio Studio is the comprehensive digital studio setup design by Axel Technology that integrates all the essential equipment for a Radio Station, offering broadcast quality, latest digital technologies and complete functionality.The Turnkey Radio Studio is the best investment for the Broadcaster that wants to start o renew his radio station.Is a plug and play solution, customizable for any radio station (FM, WEB, etc.), perfectly integrated into a compact technical furniture, pre-assembled, wired and granted by Axel Technology.

Broadcast Quality

Plug & Play

Integration, Assistance & Support

LITE EXA Radio studio

The LITE EXA Radio Studio delivers broadcasters a complete “plug and play” solution ready to go On Air.It’s a complete ON AIR STUDIO, where any single component has been selected to offer the best functionality/price ratio, according to the following fundamental point:

  • Complete Digital Solution
  • Customizable
  • Cost effective budge
  • Easy of use
  • Easy maintenance
  • Scalabie

The solution is suitable for:

  • FM, AM, Satellite and WEB radio station
  • Community radios
  • P.A. (Public Addressing)

The solution is suitable for:

  • Automatic and/or manual playout
  • Live programs with speakers (talk show)
  • Radio with Control Room and studio (speaker booth)
  • Radio with technician and speaker sharing the same room

Broadcast Equipment

  • Elegant Mic Arms
  • FM Tuner - MP3/CD/SD Player
  • Led Studio Light
  • Dynamic Microphone
  • Condenser Microphone
  • Closed Superaural Stereo Headphones
  • Nearfield Audio Monitors

Broadcast Integration

Turnkey Studio is composed by the following equipment:

  • 24/7 Logging and WEB Streaming unit (optional)
  • Digital Audio Processor 4 band sand Stereo MPX encoder
  • RDS encoder (optional)
  • FM Tuner with RDS
  • Rack ad accessoies
  • Cables and connectors

LITE EXA - Turnkey Studio


The furniture is designed to host 2/3 operators (technician, speaker and guest) to work together.It includes the rack units 19” to fit all the necessary rackmount equipment, cable tray and mechanical accessories.The broadcast furniture grant perfect assembling and test of the system at Axel Technology labs, to deliver a 100% working solution that can be quickly installed and turned on in less than 4 hours, following the attached instructions and schematics.

Radio Automation

DJPRO CLASSIC and Soundtrack Studio are Radio automation suites that provide broadcast tools for On Air and production.

FM Digital Audio Processor& RDS Encoder

FALCON 3i is a 4 band digital Audio Processor, Stereo Generator and RDS Encoder all in one, designed for FM, WEB and Satellite transmission.

24/7 Audio Logging& Web Streaming

Logging is the 24/7 non-stop audio recording of main program output, which today is extremely important for multiple purposes:Law obligations Customer advertisement certification (time stamp) Real time monitoring of radio programs Audio quality surveillanceStreaming over Internet Competitor surveillance

Digital Broadcast Console

The broadcast console Oxygen 3000 is a digital compact unit that combines all the modern functionality, mandatory for any On Air studio

System Integration & Services

The system is delivered to be easily installed and maintained also by not skilled technicians. Axel Technology provides detailed system project, technical drawings and manual

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