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Media logging, or Compliance Recording, is the process of capturing audio, usually in low quality format, and preserving the recordings for a large number of days, usually 2 or 3 months. In most countries Compliance Recording is obligatory by law for all radio broadcasters, but it can also be used for advertisement certification, audio quality surveillance, competition monitoring and media rebroadcasting.

DML AudioMain Specs

Archive any logging period 30, 60, 90, 180, 365 daysSingle channel and multiple channels configurationCompatible with WDM audio cards and AoIP drivers (Dante Livewire, ect)Compatible with FM and AM tuner cardsIp input in UDP, RTP, RTSP, RTMP, HTTP, Shoutcast, IcecastCapture sampling 32,44.1 and 48 khz mono or stereoContinuous 24/7 recording without any sample loss between file segmentsFormats MP1, MP2, MP3, WAV, WMA, AVI (DivX), ASF (Windows media), MPEG1, MPEG2, MP4 (H264 and AAC), FLV with logo on videoCustomizable audio bitrates and advanced parametersCustomizable segmentation per file duration (typically 60 min), file size or at midnightAutomatic delete of oldest files when disk space is lowIp streaming in WMA Volume adjustment with compressor and AGCAlarm notification via E-mail and SMS for black video, freeze, no audio, archive length, etc.Accurate statistics on capture process and dataratesAccurate GPS (receiver optional) Date and Time synchronizationData security featuring RAID architecture or software mirror, content is preserved in case of disk failure.Remote system monitoring from any LAN or Internet connected PcEasy content export/conversion with Mark-In and Out points. Flexible transcoding to most of video formats.Main Specs

DML Audio Recorder:non stop Audio logging

DML records audio contents coming from the widest variety of sources (unbalanced, balanced, digital AES/EBU, Dante, Livewire, Antenna, SAT, DVBT, DVBC, ATSC, IP, etc) and stores them on Hard Disk (recordings stay on line depending on hard disks capacity, usually: 30/60/90 days as required by laws in many countries).DML system is totally maintenance free and oldest recordings are overwritten by the newest ones automatically.
Audio format and compression/quality vary according to the archive space and the logging period chosen.
Recording quality may be as high as uncompressed wav WAV files.
Content is accessible from the DML as well from any networked computer, never stopping the recording.System status is constantly monitored either locally, thanks to
DML-embedded tools, as well as from any networked computer running the DML Monitor free software.Whenever rising, alarms may be notified via email or SMS.DML Recorder supports a large variety of video formats, compressions and resolutions, from MP1-2-3 to WAV, but also many video formats allowing to superimpose a logo on video and take advantage of the overlay datestamp captured onto the video stream, for accurate and tamper proof date time certification.DML files are standard multimedia files, which can also be played on any ordinary multimedia player.
Accurate date and time certification is guaranteed through synchronization to GPS satellites time reference with AxelTech’s Sat Time Synchronizer receiver.DML Recorder status is constantly monitored by auto-diagnostic tools. In case of alarms, the operator is warned via email or SMS.Monitored parameters: Disk activity / video presence / video freeze / audio presence / instant data-rate / average data-rate / audio stream integrity.With the free DML Player software, content can be easily edited and downloaded on external media and converted to the most popular audio formats.

DML Player:content searching,browsing and conversion

DML Player is a free software application for real time content browsing from any networked Pc. Exclusive simultaneous multi-channel playback allows accurate audio temporal comparison. The calendar window shows the available recordings. Just ‘click’ on desired date and time to start playout. Play speed is variable from 0.5x to 16x. Go To date / time function allows direct playback to specific recorded events. Capability to jump to specific date and time using generic automation Log files.Mark-in & Mark-out tools along with additional basic editing tools allow extraction of audio segments.Fast export or conversion in native or popular formats to fit all distribution and storage needs.Mark point positioning is frame-accurate using handy scroll & drag bars, along with keyboard shortcuts.

DML Monitor:remote monitoring via web

DML Monitor is a free software tool which allows monitoring in real time through LAN and Internet of one or more DML units. System and recording supervision will be available from anywhere. DML Monitor displays current video frame for each recorder, together with status info, systems logs, streaming audio and the upcoming of alarms or parameters out of range.

DML Web Viewer:content searching and browsing via web

DML Web Viewer is a free server application for real time viewing from any Internet browser and works on windows, linux, mac or any handheld device. The calendar widget shows the available recordings. Just ‘click’ on desired date and time to start listening.  Configuring main router ports allows viewing from internet from any remote location.

Lot of options

DML Copy

DML Copy is an optional software which copies files from multiple DML recorder units to centralized storage systems. In multiple channel systems it is advised to deplay a central storage unit with RAID 5 or 6 redundancy rather then on the single capture units. DML Copy will provide a “slow” and controlled copy service to avoid saturating LAN bandwidth.

DML Supervisor

Supervisor is an optional software which monitors multiple unit status and connected devices, managing hierarchical alarm levels and notification via email, SMS, fax, etc. Suggested for multichannel environments. Featuring automatic system recover and emergency intervention (such as spare units activation, audio routing, remote control of audio matrix, asynchronous serial communication and GPI, etc.)


XMAM is an optional archiving and catalogue system which provides fast and simple integration with DML allowing perpetual archiving of selected media.  XMAM is a Web-based, user focused interface that supports access and processing of digital assets like video, audio, images, documents and presentations. XMAM supports standard web browser navigation without additional client software needed.

Sat Time Synchronizer

STS is the optional antenna receiver and software which allows an extremely accurate synchronization of Pc clock to GPS satellite reference. Recomended for tamper-proof date / time certification.

Complete Multiple channel full Turnkey solutions

AxelTech can provide multiple channels turnkey systems with DML capture units, file servers with redundant storage, LAN infrastructure, KVM switches, completely precabled and configured in AxelTech’s laboratories. Monitoring and editing desks are customized according to customer needs allowing coroporate and government organizations to take advantage of a fail proof solution. Local installation, training, baby sitting and after sales support is provided directly by AxelTech.

Minimum system requirements

System requirements may vary on number of captured channels and audio quality.Intel i-38 GB RAMWin 10Separate disk partition for each channel128 GB per 1 channel 90 days 128 kb/sMain Specs

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