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RADIO is the most flexible and resilient medium. Both the traditional and the digital media markets are competitive, but Radio has a unique chance to increase its share, thanking to Visual Radio. Simulcasting Radio on a TV channel is a new frontier that allows stations to conquer a better reach into homes, casting to television sets, and into malls, feeding large monitors. Being Radio the king of media for mobility, Visual Radio strengthens stations where needed, at fixed locations.Visual Radio means that your station can be seen. Radio programming and shows will be aired simultaneously both on Radio and TV without bearing the costs and efforts required by a traditional TV production. It is possible to run a Visual Radio with the same technical staff and talent used at the base station. Radio does not need to change its workflow or its equipment. There is no need for TV expertise, near zero cost for TV production and it is a one-time minimum investment.VJ-PRO by AXEL TECHNOLOGY can be interfaced to any On-Air Radio system and to any digital mixing console.

Visual Web Radio VJ Pro AxelTech

It allows to manage the graphic personality of the station with the highest care.

There are separate rules for:

Station logoProgram logoBanners Pop-upTickers or crawlAnimationsClocksJingles

Impressive graphics can be generated within the system thanking to the CG Editor.

The most common setup of a VJ-PRO is playing the video of the song while it is on the air and switch on cameras while hosts activate microphones or journalists air the news. VJ-PRO does it at best with both simplicity and accuracy. Auxiliary sources from Web or Desktop can be imported, such as video calls from Skype, clips from YouTube, etc. It is also possible to have a social network integration into the Visual Radio displaying contents from Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and more.Cameras have an intelligent switching that can be manual or automatic according to the many criteria and combination of status; for example, they can be controlled by the fader status or by the microphone levels on the Radio mixer.

The VJ-PRO Console is the control panel and the engine of integration of whatever happens or can happen to the Visual Radio and connected devices. VJ-PRO is informed about any audio played by the Radio automation system (song, jingle, ads, news, recorder program, etc.) or live programs (talk shows, news, feeds, etc.), or action on the audio mixer (fader, GPI, etc.) that activate the related video content and graphics.The Radio channel will always run as it normally does while the VJ-PRO Console takes care of the synch between the TV and the Radio stream.The behavior of the system in any condition can be defined in the settings panel of the VJ-PRO Console by the Station manager or system administrator, who delineate the style of the channels.

Visual Web Radio VJ Pro AxelTech

It has just 6 basic widgets:


The video format can be selected between PAL or NTSC. The resolution can be standard (SD) or high resolution (HD); in case of SD, 4:3 or 16:9 can be chosen while in case of HD, vertical 1080 or 720 pixel can be switched.

Main Features

  • Radio On-Air System integration - Native integration with DJPRO Radio. Custom modules to integrate third party Radio automations (RCS, Netia, etc.).
  • Radio Console integration - Native integration with OXYGEN 3000 digital radio console. Custom modules to integrate third party mixing console (Studer, Axia, Lawo, DHD, Wheatstone, etc.). GPIO management.
  • Video Playout and Capture - 2 channels playout with video mixing/cross fade/effects. Perfect Audio/Video synch. 1 channel recording.
  • Graphics engine - Multi-layer CG for graphic generation with Fill and Key. Automatic titling (song author and title). Animations, logo, Ticker, Clock, etc. RSS feeds, Weather information, News, etc. Social Network content integration (using “Social Hub” software from Axel Technology). Free CG composer software for graphic layout creation.
  • User Interface - Smart GUI for manual control of graphics, layouts, video switcher, cameras, recorder, studio switch. Hardware Instant keyboard with 64 hotkeys
  • Video Switcher control - Native integration with Atem, VMIX, Tricaster, etc. Connection: SDI/NDI/Stream (according to video switcher features). TCP/IP and serial connection.
  • Cameras integration - Camera control (Sony/Visca/Panasonic protocols). Intelligent switch for automatic camera switch (multiple configurations and rules)

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