Radio Automation


XRadio is the new solution by AxelTech that extends the concept of Radio Automation to a full Audio and Media Content Management & Publishing platform. XRadio is rooted in the solid ground of AxelTech well known DJ Pro Radio Automation: that know-how evolved to provide renewed and enhanced tools to handle run the large variety of content that any Radio Station has to manage nowadays.
XRadio is a flexible and scalable solution, perfect to match the needs of different size organizations from Regional to National Networks: XRadio manages one or more Radio Stations with simultaneous and multiple playouts to provide different Broadcast Areas with Advertisement Splits.

Radio is an evocative media, it has to inspire listener’s feelings and knowledge: being creative is essential and XRadio’s wide set of tools enhances any creative flair. XRadio fits in every environment of a Radio Station and can be easily used by people having different professional skills.

XRadio Core: where the Content Creator produces

A Radio’s Audio Collection is a leaving being and XRadio is the natural environment to assign a purpose to each single element. Each song and audio track can be edited and then assigned to the proper channel, every track plays a significant part in the Orchestral order of the elements of a scheduling.


XRadio is the place where all your music sources get in connection. Edit songs for Radio Editions, manage hooks or voice tracks for promos or license-free cuts for podcasts or social posts. Handle newscasts, features for live comments, traffic bulletins, weather forecasts or a big sport event from the local team.


XRadio has a customizable skin: colors, graphics, notes on any item on the schedule and tags in the dedicated clock segments, memos about callers, questions for an interview, selected stories of the day. Everything needed to make a basic schedule a great program, here is where creativity finds its place to be free!

XRadio Core: where the Programmer rules

XRadio supports the setting of rules to get the best possible flavor: scheduling by clocks or by sequences or mixing both ways for a tailor made mode, all these operations will be as easy as pie! Set ordinary Clocks by the hour or cut the day in many segments of any given duration. 

Schedule a pattern of editorial elements and they’ll be running automatically when and as long as needed, then customize, add rules of all sorts, for all scopes and with assigned priority, set fixed elements in the scheduling: achieve the best possible flow with few clicks!


XRadio has the most intuitive UI: the user experience is driven by simplicity and effectiveness and every step is just one click away!  

XRadio Core has enhanced but simple tools to entry technical parameters, genres and a very rigorous set of detailed data fields. The more accurate the data, the more powerful the schedule: the ability to collect all sort of usable data on all audio elements is a key to success. 

XRadio OnAir: where the Live Producer supervises

Live is the magic part of radio: from people to people, live audio is a social and pure connection. Hosts, journalists, guests, audience, everybody is involved when audio is on cause an audio flow is a blend of feelings.    

The schedule is ready, the show starts but Live means unpredictable: breakings news, a longer call than expected, an important topic suggested by a guest. A Radio program is a complex being, many things happen within the studio, flexibility to adapt in real time is essential.

XRadio provides the tools to adjust timing or to even change some elements while On-Air, its assistance in those moments will make the difference.


XRadio is the right place to save any production, from full-day live shows to a simple podcast, from complex recording to live events for replay requirements or whatsoever. Find a file, export it or reschedule it in one or more channels, use tags to look for any audio element or search by date and hour.


XRadio grants control on all the Channels that may be operating at the same time while also creating and scheduling. Check the general status of what’s going on in all the audio outputs, oversee and decide if any action is required and play directly to the point. 


XRadio streaming channels maybe simulcasting or being completely different, overview them all is easy. Preview the schedule, search tags, check the special events or the split ads programmed, evaluate the consistency and variety of the Radio web presence. 

General Features

  • Stand-alone or client/server configuration with unlimited clients
  • Unlimited stations/channels
  • Automatic failover to a secondary server/archive
  • Modular design by functionality (On-Air, Production, Programming, etc…)
  • Advanced XML Data Exchange
  • MsSQL Database
  • Cloud and IP workflows compatible
  • Skin customization
  • One click concept mode
  • Drag and drop interaction
  • Interfacing with both proprietary and third-party audio mixers
  • Automatic ingest from folder or FTP
  • Advanced interface for third-party systems (scheduling, news, etc…)
  • GPIO triggers (Moxa, Lawo, Advantech, Axia, Com port, etc…)
  • Advanced TCP/IP, UDP, SNMP, HTTP triggers
  • WDM and ASIO drivers
  • Audio over IP interfaces (Dante, Ravenna, Livewire, etc…)
  • IP Streaming
  • Plays any audio file
  • Plays any video file for visual radio
  • RDS management via XML and UECP, EPG, playlist and metadata WEB integration
  • Complete system administrator tools, rights management on features and modules


  • Normalization, complete set of trims, cue list, refrain, bpm calculator
  • Simple tools for quick editing
  • Crossfade pre-listening
  • Integration with editing software such as Adobe Audition, Sound Forge, Audacity, etc.
  • Complete set of automated applications to convert, download, upload, import or export files
  • Tags and rules to define rotations
  • Advanced SQL search by the user
  • Time announcements
  • Advanced management of podcast recording
  • Multi-channel library management and data share


  • Sequence Scheduling, the most simple and effective form of programming
  • Clock Scheduling
  • Week/Day/Hour schedule
  • Multi-channel and network scheduling
  • Voice-track scheduling
  • Artist separation and programming rules
  • Schedule manual editor
  • Import schedule from third party products (Music Master, Selector, etc.).
  • Commercial and traffic module
  • Advertisement reconciliation and certification
  • Traffic schedule by splits
  • News and bulletin manager
  • News bulletin configuration and playout

On Air 

  • Automatic and Manual mode and multiple channels
  • Playlist with commands and notes
  • Last minute modifications and active changes on items in the playlist with timing and waveform
  • Powerful audio content search with multiple Metadata fields
  • Advanced crossfade, refrain and loop intro of the songs
  • Advanced voice tracking for hosts and programs
  • Background recording from live and external sources for intermedia asynchronous use and stream
  • Advanced advertising splits on all selected channels.
  • Powerful hotkeys for instant audio
  • Show-Prep assistance with Presenter Board
  • Social Hub service availability
  • Digiware: Playlist Scheduling
  • Ram-Comm: Advanced Traffic Management
  • Split Player: commercial areas
  • DML-Recorder: 24/7 Audio Logging
  • VJPro: Visual Radio Automation
  • Processor: 2 GHz or faster, with 2 or more cores on a 64-bit compatible processor
  • RAM: 4 gigabytes (GB) or more
  • Disk space: 16 GB or more
  • Operating system: Windows 10 version 1809 or later (64 bit), Windows Server 2019 or later
  • Recommended resolution: 1920×1080
  • Database : MSSQL Server. Editions: Express, Standard or Enterprise.