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YouMix is the ideal companion for any Production Video Mixer, allowing to add different and innovative features.YouMix generates a complete video signal with multiple picture-in-picture (DVE) and multiple layers of complex graphics.

Traditional video mixers do not allow to play files, decode IP streams, or generate complex graphics: with YouMix you can fulfil complex effects with a broadcast look without extra equipment and with no limit of DVE channels for PIP.Each PIP window can display any SDI or NDI source, any IP stream or desktop video capture with smooth zoom in and out.All graphics are also generated by YouMix, delivering a ready to use video signal output, freeing up other resources of your production video mixer.

In each DVE or background user can add:

Live sources coming from a capture cardIP streams coming from LAN/InternetDesktop grabs (defining the captured area)Video files in loopOverlay graphics on background and PIPsNDI inputs and outputs

Main Features

  • Grab desktop and incoming video calls from any PC or mobile device
  • Broadcast quality composite/SDI output
  • CG titling with animated backgrounds, crawls, rolls, lowerthirds,and logos
  • Skype®, Msn® and Yahoo® messenger compatible

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