Playlist Management and Schedule Creation

High-end Multi-programming

DIGIWARE RADIO is an innovative software for playlist management and schedule creation that integrates more intelligence power and many additional features into the DJ-PRO on-air system.Specially designed to be interfaced with DJ-PRO, DIGIWARE RADIO is a quick, effective way to get the job done. Schedules can be modified in real time up to a few seconds before broadcasting.DIGIWARE RADIO is the comprehensive software for music and audio programming and it is available both for multi-user and multi-station setups or single-user and single-station use; there’s a DIGIWARE RADIO for any station.The software is an innovative and effective solution even when it comes to high-end multi-programming, when several Radio stations possibly distributed over many commercial split-zones must be programmed daily and/or at the same time.

  • Improved MS-SQL support
  • Automatic Podcast generation with triggers
  • Pass Order Schedule for Categories
  • Improved Jingle data fields, same as Music ones
  • Improved Jingle programming, same as Music rules
  • Jingle/Song match through rules, for prior or next Song
  • New Fuzzy search
  • Support Enhancements through Active Directory
  • And/Or function added to multi-valuable fields
  • Improved wildcard function
  • Sequence management with wildcards
  • Selectable Audio Timing management in Policies
Program Scheduling & Planning Digiware TV AxelTech


DIGIWARE RADIO graphic interface has been particularly considered: multiple channel schedule with differential commercial split-zone management will result very easy to handle.DIGIWARE RADIO supports the management of the station’s library composed by songs, promos, pre-recorded programs, news and any bit of audio; the software is also created to assist the integration of live sources, timed events and GPI commands.The PLAYLIST management is basically achieved thanking to Categories that are used to organize songs and to set their rotation priorities and rules. Categories are then placed into the DIGIWARE RADIO’s Clocks that are among the most flexible in the Radio industry as they can handle any duration and are not limited by the 60 minutes typically fixed hour.Planning strategies is simple and effective so that powerful rules reflect the actual needs.DIGIWARE RADIO helps to create the best mix between consistency and variety for the desired format as a balanced music flow keeps the audience tuned. Efficiency and productivity are also increased, allowing more time to focus on further and core aspects of operations, such as selecting music and audio.

Program Scheduling & Planning Digiware TV AxelTech

DIGIWARE RADIO has been specially designed for the Radio Programmer’s needs; it helps to create Radio schedules automatically and/or edit them manually while it is possible to customize and keep control of all the process steps.DIGIWARE RADIO assists on programming in the smartest way, creating scheduling that contains audio media totalling up to 24 hours in duration organized in tasks, programmed in a daily, weekly, or season-long airshifts. The scheduler has been created using a “least objectionable” concept via step by step refining, considering also the unavailability of media and the logs created and available at the time of the scheduling creation.DIGIWARE RADIO is the software partner for those who work in the Music Office of a Radio station or a Radio group. Its services are essential to the workflow; the report section is powerful and contains industry-based licensing forms which saves time and efforts.Alerts, archive utilities, interface control, backup functions, full setup; DIGIWARE RADIO has them all.

Main Features

  • Powerful software to manage the complete schedule process.
  • Excellent control of Song, Artist and all possible segue/rotation Rules.
  • Intuitive creation of format/clocks for any on-air duration.
  • Winning tools for both program-driven and flux-based Radio stations.
  • Perfect for public or commercial stations, multi-user access with full access-control.
  • Graphic interface with icons, CD cover and thumbnails.
  • Edit, preview, cue and set marker point runtimes of audio.
  • Library, policies, clocks and scheduling quickly by using pre-scheduled elements.
  • Charts by rotation, themes, timing or category
  • Import and export features from Axel Technology’s automation system or from 3rd-party schedulers.
  • Audio database direct link with DJPRO CLASSIC and DJPRO ENTERPRISE.
  • Copyright and performance printed reports, using customizable or preset formats.

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