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SAT TIME SYNCHRONIZER is the cost effective solution to automatically synchronize the PC clock with exact and absolute time broadcast by GPS satellites (GMT – Greenwich Mean Time). 
SAT TIME SYNCHRONIZER is very useful in all those applications where it is necessary to have the precise and reliable current time (f.i. Time Code generation, A/V recording monitoring and certification for law obligations and data logging, time signalling in TV and radio stations, etc.).The software and hardware installation is fast and easy and even not skilled technicians can operate it correctly.
 Normally you just need to place the receiver next to a window and connect it to a Pc through a serial cable. 
SAT TIME SYNCHRONIZER doesn’t need external power supply: it is powered directly by the PC power supply through a special adapter (supplied).

The control software can be installed on any PC running Windows o.s. and featuring a free serial port.
 The interface shows the main time data and, in graphic mode, the strength of various signals received by GPS. Thanks to the low resources required, the Sat Time Synchronizer software can be installed even on “on-air” PC and workstations.The current time reference can also be shared among all the PC connected to a LAN. 
For this aim, SAT TIME SYNCHRONIZER software features a double operating mode and it is able to work both in a “server” version (i.e. for the PC physically connected to the receiver) and in a “client” version (for the networked PCs).

Main Features

  • PC clock synchronization from GPS satellite time
  • Just a Sat Time Synchronizer unit for the whole PC local network
  • Very easy to install

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