The Sales Management Softwarefor Radio Stations

RAM-COMM RADIO is a 20+ years developed software supporting all business activities in the MARKETING & SALES department of a Radio Station. Its focus is Revenues!The system is open to the contribution of other departments such as MANAGEMENT, ENGINEERING and PROGRAMMING. RAM-COMM is the #1 companion for all managers and professionals involved in the business flow of a Radio station.The sales process basically just starts from a client’s order and then ends by collecting the payments for the provided services, however there are many activities to be involved for an excellent and complete operation.RAM-COMM RADIO tracks them all:

  • Client/Order Management
  • Agents/Agencies and/or Sales Rep Commissions Management
  • On-Air Traffic/Programming Schedules
  • On-Air Certification
  • Billing and Invoice Generation
  • Sales Analysis

Technical Features

RAM-COMM RADIO is a software suitable to a single station or to Radio groups in all their distribution extensions (Radio, TV, Web, etc.); so multiple stations and splits of different advertising areas are fully supported.RAM-COMM RADIO manages several users with customized administration of the rights associated to each user.RAM-COMM RADIO offers a detailed and powerful setup of parameters, thus achieving the best customization of the Radio Station’s real functionality and specific business operation.RAM-COMM RADIO offers an architecture design that manages:

  • Media Import/Export from Agencies
  • Media-Check, to ensure no audio is missing on a Schedule
  • Music Soundtracks for Commercials
  • Automatic Optimization Fill of Splits

Management Features

RAM-COMM RADIO is the essential tool for the company’s management to keep the business always under control. It provides the best tools to major necessities such as:

  • Number and Typology of Scheduled Contracts
  • Present and Future Outcomes
  • Expiring Contracts for the Forthcoming Period
  • Contracts/Orders to be Invoiced Next

RAM-COMM RADIO also supports some crucial management activities:

  • Easy Import/Export to External Accounting Software
  • Bank Receipts Management
  • Track of Any Possible Form of Payment
  • Work with Local VAT Rules

Traffic/Programming Features

RAM-COMM RADIO is highly recommended for scheduling purposes because it strongly reduces the time for the Traffic log creation. Save timing practices are available prior and after the schedule has been originated thanking to the traffic architecture and its immediate analysis tools.The cluster creation is an amazing capability of RAM-COMM RADIO that gives the user the full control over elements of several formats that should be scheduled in the different and selected moments of an on-air hour. A different clock can be set for all hours as well just one for all hours of the day and of the week. Temporary shifts in the clusters can be easily achieved.RAM-COMM RADIO is the best software to manage multi-station and multi-split environments. It has the highest flexibility to accomplish the most detailed orders.RAM-COMM RADIO manages every kind of advertising format inside the station’s scheduling process:

  • Commercials of all Durations
  • Radio-Promotions
  • Billboards of Sponsored Programs
  • Live Commercial Announcements
  • Promos

Thanks to advanced automatic practices by inserting a few data and parameters you will obtain complete schedules with:

  • Automatic Fulfilling of the Clusters
  • Automatic Split Optimization
  • Automatic Rotation
  • Priority Control
  • Subjects Rotation
  • Same Merchandise Category Separation
  • Radio ID’s Management, Prior/Within/After the Clusters
  • Log Exports

A possible control with manual operation to move items in the grid before or after the schedule process is easy and immediate thanking to a powerful Graphic User Interface.Inserts of audio for the scheduled orders are matched by RAM-COMM RADIO with a Recording Studio feature to help administration in keeping suppliers and costs for the Production under control.

Sales Features

RAM-COMM RADIO keeps track of who is inserting an order or a contract thanking to the Author feature.RAM-COMM RADIO provides commercial flexibility to the Sales Manager’s policies and decisions supporting his/her own on:

  • Special Agreements
  • Discount Codes
  • Free Commercials
  • Sales Zones
  • Sales Origins (new or active client)

RAM-COMM RADIO also supports the Sales Manager’s analysis needs:

  • Sales Electronic or Printed Reports
  • Sales Statistics by Month, Year or Any Period
  • Orders Analysis
  • Monthly Report by Agent (with or without payments)
  • Business Potential of the Agencies/Representatives
  • Avails Analysis by Single Order/Contract or Client
  • NEW! Microsoft Business Intelligence Interface!

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