Axel Technology dedicated customer technical support offers quick, easy and efficient solutions for any technical enquiry, trough multiple access modalities, from simple information to problem solving on any fault.

Technical informations

For information or clarification on the operation and use of your Axel Technology product via email.

Send technical info request.

RMA request

To enquiry return of your product to our premises for repair, updates and manteinance in order to guarantee the most efficient operation features.

Send RMA request.

Remote assistance for software apps

To require a remote desktop connection from one of our technicians. This service is reserved to customers who have an extant remote assistance contract. The remote assistance contract guarantees the connection of one of our technicians via remote desktop within 6 hours from receipt of the request.
Free application software updates are also included as integral part of the contract.
If you do not have a remote assistance subsription you can request a proposal for free by clicking here, or send an assistance request.

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Claim and suggestion

To make claims, send comments and suggestions on our products and services click here.