Ram-Comm TV

The Complete Traffic & Business Software for Tv Stations

RAM-COMM TV is a multi-station and multi-user software that manages all business processes of the Marketing & Sales department, from customer contact to invoicing and billing by Management/Administration.RAM-COMM TV is able to manage several users, with full administration control of the different rights associated to each single user; the software is also suitable to small stations as well as large publishing groups; multiple channels and advertising areas, the so called “splits”, are active.RAM-COMM TV offers special features to allow the best focus on customers’ contact information, on media Import/Export from agencies; same voice separation on spots and business and sales accurate reporting are on; the software also handles sales reps’ commissions and sales accounts, business contracts and invoicing/billing.

Main Features

Multi-user architecture with rights managementComplete customer and contract managementAutomatic invoice generationAdvertising scheduling: duration, rotation, priority, category conflict managementAdvertising splitting according to areas/territoriesAgents and areas managementCommercial reports and statistics for customer and boardAdvertising certification

RAM-COMM TV has a very effective built-in and multi-purpose scheduler developed thanking to AXEL TECHNOLOGY programming experience in order to create the best possible log of Radio for any sort of advertising on-air element or segment:

  • Spots
  • Billboards/Sponsorships
  • Commercial Announcements
  • Promos
  • And more…

The software is strongly recommended in the scheduling process as it saves time for the advertising log creation. Thanks to advanced automatic practices RAM-COMM RADIO provides a complete planning with crucial controls:

  • Automatic fill of the hour selected points/clusters
  • Automatic rotation
  • Priority control
  • Subject rotation
  • Automatic managing of the “tails”
  • Product conflicts
  • Pre and post spot insertion
  • Manual Edit

Another advanced feature of RAM-COMM RADIO is the automatic fill of the split-zone clusters; this is achieved using

  • Premium spots
  • Stand-by spots
  • Promos
  • Audio fillers selected by duration

RAM-COMM is the essential tool for the company’s management to keep the business always under control. Due to the vast availability of its specific electronic and printed reports and statistics, RAM-COMM TV is the best tool to manage and to optimize the business of your company; it provides a clear, updated and objective outlook in order to allow the sales manager to take all the most effective commercial initiatives and policy decisions.It provides the best tools to major reports such as:

  • Number and typology of scheduled contracts
  • Present and future outcomes
  • Expiring contracts for the forthcoming period
  • Business potential of the representatives
  • Agent areas and management
  • Contracts to be invoiced next month
  • And many more..

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