Global Control Engine

Your Sistem Under Control

PEACOCK SUPERVISOR is the global control engine to keep always under control the health-status of your automated system or structured network.An Information Technology infrastructure generates massive amounts of data and PEACOCK SUPERVISOR collects all the workstation status data in realtime, whether physical, networked or via remote. Data comes to PEACOCK SUPERVISOR as files, serial data, TCP/IP, devices and GPIO logic status.

System of Control Peacock Supervisor AxelTech

Peacock Workflow

Each controlled parameter must be into pre-setup average values, in case an alarm is rising up, this is graphically reported and notified via email/sms.Furthermore a fault recovery can be performed by Peacock Supervisor as first aid intervention over the automated system.PEACOCK SUPERVISOR indexes the entire workflow process, workstations, servers and storages to the core activity.The aim is to create graphic reports and provide deep visibility to all network status, forensics and troubleshooting.

PEACOCK SUPERVISOR generates reports in order to identify trends or prove compliancy controls. All data managedcomes as .txt .xml .xls .csv files.

In case of fault detection, PEACOCK SUPERVISOR shows in real-time the alarm into a graphic layout. The controls that can be made over a complex radio, TV playout and media logging system should be multiple: media air time advance/ delay, checks of files update, audio/ video presence.

Secure and Reliable 

PEACOCK SUPERVISOR provides a password-protected web server, to keep the automated system under control using smartphones or tablets. Moreover in case of fault detection, PEACOCK SUPERVISOR can perform a recovery interventionon the automated system.

System of Control Peacock Supervisor AxelTech

Main Features

  • Software-based solution for system status monitoring
  • Real time alarms detection from multiple data sources
  • Emergency intervention and fault recovery
  • Web page for anywhere monitoring
  • For attended or unattended automation system
  • System dashboard with real-time alarm notification
  • Graphic interface with customizable layout
  • Data storage and report

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