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ON AIR CLOCK displays on standard TV Monitor current time, in six digits HH:MM:SS with circleline seconds. It is used in radio studios, tv studios and master control rooms for correct time display and messaging. Clocks are something you’re always glancing at.ON AIR CLOCK also displays custom messages, such as “ON-AIR”, “INCOMING TELEPHONE CALL”, “APPLAUSE”, “SILENCE”, providing an additional communication tool besides classic headphone intercomand studio talk-back.

On Air Clock AxelTech

ON AIR CLOCK offers an unrivalled flexibility of operation, the widest number of functions modes and user display settings. In addition to Time and Date info, two major features are available. - Count-down timer for end of live programs signalling and advertisement interruption during productions. - Count-up timer for live program simulation during recording or just as time elapse display.On air clock features an android device with HDMI output to connect to a standard TV monitor. Time data and messages are pushed to multiple devices from a central server were the On air clock server is installed.Axel Technology’s Sat Time Synchronizer (optional) may be used as GPS time reference, allowing 1/100 of second accuracy on all ON AIR CLOCK displays.

Main Features

  • Simultaneous time and date display
  • Fits to any LCD / plasma / TV screen
  • GPS time synchronization for 10 msec accuracy(optional)
  • Automatic daylight savings change
  • Clock / countup timer / countdown timer / message
  • Easy signal distribution over cat 5, VGA and coaxg
  • GPO alarm triggering / GPI messaging
  • User-definable colors and fonts

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