Ultra Cross Converter

PC Video Cross Converter

Ultra Cross Converter is a PC based video cross converter, which is able to convert between SDI, NDI or IP sources simultaneously to SDI, NDI and IP in same or different resolution/ or framerate.The video input can be scaled in PIP with squeezeback effect and a CG Background applied. There also a CG layer inside the PIP and on a overall layer. Audio follow video with downmixing.All CG layers include tickers, crawls, tables, logos, animations, clocks, news alert and commercial bugs insertion.SDI input and ouput can be up to 1080p. NDI input and output in any format. IP inputs in RTMP, UDP, RTP, RTSP, HTTP, FTP etc. IP output in RTMP, UDP, IIS smooth, WM streaming.

The Most Cost-Effective Solution

Typical applications are IP decoder/encoder, NDI/SDI converter, or broadcast TV channel branding with PIP DVE for delivering SD/HD themed channel applications.
Delay between input and output 3 frames aprox.Ultra Cross Converter is the most cost-effective solution for broadcast TV channel branding, that combines high-impact graphic design with 2D DVEs picture in picture of your program output, delivering SD/HD themed channel.It is used to compress live TV Channel into a 2D PIP and add graphics in news 24 style.
Ultra Cross Converter is the key tool to catch audience and characterize your TV channel, fully integrated with Axel automations and playouts, delivering and managing all tv branding aspects.

Character Generator System

As an advanced character generator system, Ultra Cross Converter provides tickers, crawls, tables, logos, animations, clocks, news alert and commercial bugs insertion with squeezeback DVE on a live input.All graphic elements can be inserted on three different layers: on the background, inside the PiP (following 2D/3D zoom & compress FX), and on top of them for channel branding. Ultra Cross Converter allows you to have a LIVE approach or SCHEDULED approach for Graphics Airing.

Main Features

  • Advanced cost-effective branding solution
  • SD/HD input & output
  • Real 2D DVE PIP with squeezeback
  • Real-time data insertion from RSS, .txt, .xlsx, etc..
  • Graphic insertion of logos, animations, crawls, tables, tickers, slideshows, etc.
  • User friendly broadcast & template editor interface
  • 99 quick easy recall DVE presets & graphic templates
  • Internal scheduler
  • Integration with automation systems
  • Programmable GPIs for external controls

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