Capodarco l’Altro Festival 2019

Capodarco l’Altro Festival
“Radio in 2019”
The workshop by Axel Tech promoting innovation in the broadcasting world

Radio in 2019: free workshop promoted by Claudio Astorri, radio specialist, and Andrea Pellizzari…

Radio Bruno chooses Axel Tech

Radio Bruno’s choice in on-air systems and radio devices is Axel Tech

Radio Bruno’s choice in on-air systems and radio devices is Axel Tech, the interview to Gianni…

Professional Tour

Axel goes south of Italy
with partner Professional Service!

From 15th to 19th April we will be touring the south of Italy with our partner Professional Service…

Claudio Astorri intervista Lello Orso

The interview: Claudio Astorri and Lello Orso about Music Academy in Bologna and the joint lesson with Dave Foxx

A few words with the funder of one of Axel's partners, the Italian school Music Academy. Learn more…

ibc amsterdam 2019

IBC – 13/17 September 2019
Rai Exhibition Center, AMSTERDAM

Axel at IBC 2019 in Amsterdam in September 2019!

Broadcast 2019 Singapore

BROADCAST ASIA – 18/20 June 2019

Follow us into the future at the Broadcast Asia convention!

Nab 2019 Las Vegas

NAB – 8/11 April 2019
Convention Center, LAS VEGAS

Axel at NAB Show 2019 in Las Vegas. April 2019, stay tuned!

cabsat 2019

CABSAT – 12/14 March 2019
World Trade Centre, DUBAI

Come and visit us at the ultimate international event on broadcasting!

Progetto “Fiere Internazionali 2018: promuovere i nuovi mixer digitali”

Bando per progetti di partecipazione a eventi fieristici. Scopri!

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