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EX2-2200 MPEG-2/H.264 Broadcast HD Encoder has been developed aroundPremium High Quality Magnum chipset, to improve encoding efficiency, decreaseencoding time delay, optimize algorithm, increase the anti-bit- error ratioand enhance the image quality to enable it to realize better image compressioneffect with lower bit rate.With advanced video preconditioning technique and high efficient video encodingalgorithm, it is able to effectively promote use of the available bandwidthand greatly reduce the DTV transmission cost for the operators.

Available Functions

EX2-2200 MPEG-2/H.264 Broadcast HD Encoder supplies high quality butlow bit rate video and audio signal for digital TV broadcasting system, mobiletelephone TV system and IPTV system.Multiple video and audio encoding formats available. It supports 4 stereo/8mono or one DD 5.1 (AC3) audios embedded to mix with the video and createan output TS through ASI/IP port.

Ex2-2200 has QR code, LOGO and OSD inserted function. It will show 3 functionsat same time. User can insert advertisement picture, LOGO, special QRcode, OSD content on encoding process independent of STB.

Main Features

  • Low latency MPEG-2 HD/SD and MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 HD/SD Broadcast video encoder
  • Video Inputs: SDI, CVBS, YPbPr and HDMI
  • Audio Inputs: AES, RCA and XLR
  • QR code, LOGO, OSD inserted
  • 1080I,720P, 480I, 576I video resolution and downscale transform
  • MPEG1 Layer II, HE-AAC (v1&v2), LC-AAC and DD AC3 audio encoding
  • DD AC3 audio passthrough (for SDI in)
  • Video buffer, free to switch video sources (all video interface available)
  • CC (closed caption), EIA 608 and EIA 708 (for CVBS and SDI in)
  • ASI output and IP over UDP and RTP output
  • Remote network control supported
  • Web GUI

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