IP Audio Codec

Streamer Max MKII

Bidirectional Encoder/Decoder for streaming audio over IP

Bidirectional Encoder/Decoder for streaming audio over IP. Analog and AES/EBU I/O. Formats: PCM, MP3, AAC (separated license required), Vorbis, Shoutcast, Icecast. Distributes audio over standard TCP/IP,LAN,WAN and UMTS networks with external modem. GPIO. Unicast/Multicast.

STREAMER MAX MKII is an hardware device for audio signals encoding / decoding over IP (bidirectional/full duplex).
It is compatible with most of worldwide standards and its architecture is open to support future formats and customizations.
It combines application versatility (Studio, STL, Portable) with ease of use.

STREAMER MAX MKII has both analogue and digital inputs / outputs in order to allow maximum flexibility of installation and connectivity. Specifically designed for broadcast applications, STREAMER MAX MKII is a high quality and high performance device with professional features such as data tunneling for Rs-232 serial port and GPIO management.

STREAMER MAX MKII is also suitable for consumer applications, from audio stream in point-to-point environments to audio distribution for public addressing.
The duty aluminium body, the battery box and the universal power supply allow installation in any kind of environment in any conditions.

– Mono and dual communication (Full-Duplex)
– Unicast point-to-point and multicast confi guration
– Integrated Shoutcast Source Feed
– Audio Changeover/backup: switch to backup audio source
– Protocols : Liner Pcm, OGG Vorbis, MP2 (*option), MP3 (*option), AAC (*option)
– Integrated Web Server for wire set up (LAN/internet, UMTS)
– Professional Audio Quality Analogic and Digital Audio Interfaces

– Audio over-ip distribution
– Point-to-point links (STL)
– Multicast connections
– Radio InStore/Brand Audio Networking
– Audio distribution for P.A

* licence not included


Half-duplex and full-duplex audio connection
Connection via Bluetooth, WiFi, UMTS Modem (*optionale only certified devices)
2 GPIn and 2 GPOut with data tunneling operative mode
Multiple audio codec protocols and bitrates
Microphone XLR input
Professional hi-quality analogue and digital in/out with A/D and D/A conversion
Data tunneling with certified USB interface (like RS232-RS485) to control remote devices
Web based configuration
Highly accurate rate and jitter correction in every digital audio paths

Technical specifications

  • Brand AxelTechnology
  • Groups IP Audio Codec
  • Type Equipment
  • Area Radio
  • Gross weight 3 kg
  • Net weight 3 kg
  • Height 12 cm
  • Length 32 cm
  • Volume 12672 cm3
  • Supported Protocols RTP, RAW, TCP/IP, UDP/IP, Icecast Source, Icecast Server, Shoutcast Source, Half-Duplex, Full-Duplex, Unicast point-to-point, Broadcast Multi-Point
  • Half-Duplex | Full-Duplex PCM, MP3*, Opus, Vorbis | PCM, MP3*, Opus
  • Max Client connected 32 as encoding Icecast Server in MP3, Vorbis and Opus
  • Audio Encoder Module
  • RTP-UDP PCM, Opus, MP3*, AAC*
  • RAW-UDP MP3*
  • Icecast Source Icecast Source MP3, Opus, Vorbis
  • Icecast Server Icecast Server Vorbis, Opus, MP3*
  • Shoutcast Server Shoutcast Source MP3
  • Sample Rate & Bitrate
  • PCM 44.1 kHz - 1.412,2 kbps linear 16 bit
  • MP3 44.1 kHz - 24 ... 192 kbps IN STEPS
  • Vorbis 44.1 kHz - 32 ... 320 kbps IN STEPS
  • Opus 48.0 kHz - 6 ... 320 kbps IN STEPS
  • Physical
  • Graphic Display LCD yes (Elite Version)
  • Encoder with Enter button yes (Elite Version)
  • Headphone jack Output yes (Elite Version)
  • 1x front USB 2.0 FullSpeed yes (Elite Version)
  • Graphic display yes (Elite Version)
  • Power supply 100-240 Vac 50/60 Hz internal universal PS - 15 W
  • Input Models
  • Encoder Streaming Source User selectable between Analog, Digital AES/EBU, Microphone
  • Audio AGC Audio control for input audio module
  • Analog Input Module
  • Connectors 2 x XLR, female - Electronically balanced
  • A/D Conversion 24bit Sigma-Delta Conversion
  • Operative Nominal Level From –20.0dB to 20.0dB with 0.1dB/Step
  • Input Modes Stereo, Mono L, Mono R, Mono L+R
  • Digital Input Module
  • Connectors 2 x XLR, female – Electronically balanced
  • Format AES3/EBU
  • Sample rates 32 kHz | 44.1 kHz | 48 kHz | 96 kHz
  • Operative Nominal level -20.0 dB to +20.0 dB with 0.1 dB/step
  • Input Modes Stereo, Mono L, Mono R, Mono L+R
  • Michrophone Input Module
  • Connectors XLR, female - Electronically balanced
  • A/D Conversion 24bit Sigma-Delta Conversion
  • Operative Nominal Level 0.0dB - +60.0dB with 0.1dB/Step
  • Connections
  • General Purpose Input 2x Photo coupler, 5 Vdc - 10 mA
  • General Purpose Output 2x Open collector, 5 Vdc max, 10 mA
  • GPIO Purpose GPIO Mirror/tunneling in RTP Mode
  • Ethernet connection 1 x Standard Ethernet via RJ45
  • Analog Output
  • Connectors 2x XLR, male - Electronically balanced
  • D/A Conversion 24bit Sigma-Delta Conv. – 32 kHz Sample rate
  • Output Level -20.0 dB to +20.0 dB with 0.1 dB/step
  • Distortion Less than 0.02% TDH+Noise (0.0dBu @ 1Khz)
  • Digital Output Module
  • Connectors 2 x XLR, Male – Electronically balanced
  • Format AES3/EBU
  • Sample rates 32.0 – 44.1 – 48.0 kHz 24 bits
  • Operative Nominal level -20.0 dB to +20.0 dB with 0.1 dB/step
  • Distortion less than 0.01% TDH+NOISE (-20dBFs @ 1Khz)
  • Freq response 20Hz-15kHz
  • Output sources Decoder IP
  • Audio Decoder Module
  • RTP-UDP PCM, Opus, MP3*
  • RAW-UDP MP3*
  • Icecast MP3*, Opus, Vorbis, AAC*
  • Shoutcast MP3*, Opus, Vorbis, AAC*
  • SNMP Module
  • NMS managed Up to 4 simultaneously
  • Trap delivery Audio enc/dec failure, input clipping, status
  • Trap dispatch timing Selectable between 0 to 1000 min.
  • Trap type trapSnmpV1, or trapSnmpV2 and informSnmpV2
  • Failure trap User selectable

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