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SOUNDTRACK STUDIO is the radio automation software featuring on air and production facilities covering all the needs of the radio station.SOUNDTRACK STUDIO combines ease of use, broadcast quality and cost effectiveness. No need for specific training or skilled technicians, it provides complete functionalities and reliability of its rock solid audio engine.SOUNDTRACK STUDIO can operate only in stand-alone configuration.SOUNDTRACK STUDIO operates in live assist and/or 24/7 automation.Thanks to its automatic intelligent playlist generation, SOUNDTRACK STUDIO always keeps playing even if no playlist has been created at all, guaranteeing the continuity of broadcasting.

Music scheduling system soundtrack Studio AxelTech

Manual mode and Automatic mode

ON-AIR WEB VIEWER: The playout window displays information about the song being played including album artwork, bibliography and news regarding the artist/ group, etc. which are automatically retrieved from the Internet in real time.SIMULCAST, WEB & RDS: All information related to the running playlist and song can be easily exported to the WEB or RDS encoder in realtime, to display title and author details to the audience.Three simple ways to insert audio files in SOUNDTRACK: recording by the audio card, importing from files (through network, internet, flash drive, etc.) and grabbing from CD.

music scheduling system Soundtrack Studio AxelTech

PLAYLIST SCHEDULING: SOUNDTRACK features an easy and powerful playlist scheduler that includes an automatic playlist generator. Its algorithm selects the music and fills the playlist accordingly to user defined criteria (category, event type, etc.).ADVERTISING: SOUNDTRACK integrates a smart advertisement manager, which automatically creates the advertisement schedule.RADIO SYNDICATION: SOUNDTRACK can automatically switch from its own playlist to an external source and viceversa to match the needs of groups of radio stations that have to share live programs.AUDIO FORMATS: The modern audio engine supports the most common audio broadcast formats such as WAV, MPG, MP2, MP3, MP4.

Main Features

  • Playlist and advertisement manage
  • Simultaneous playout and WEB streaming
  • Designed for fm stations, community radios, web radios, syndications and P.A.
  • Automatic musical selection based on user defined criteria
  • Album artwork, title, artist, etc, from internet
  • Playlist info publishing for the web
  • Hotkeys for instant replay
  • Music & programs, advertisement, jingle and time signal management
  • Playlist web viewer for speakers and guests
  • Social network and SMS options

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