Product Overview

STREAMER MAX is an audio encoder/decoder over IP (bidirectional/full duplex).It is compatible with most of worldwide standards and features an open architecture to support future formats and customizations. It combines application versatility (Studio, STL, Portable) with easiness of use.STREAMER MAX has both analogue and digital inputs and outputs in order to allow maximum flexibility of installation and connectivity.Specifically designed for broadcast applications, STREAMER MAX is a high quality and high performance device with professional features such as data tunneling for RS-232 serial port and GPIO management.STREAMER MAX is also suitable for consumer applications, from audio stream in point-to-point environments to audio distribution for public addressing. The heavy-duty aluminium body, the battery box and the universal power supply allow deplyment in any kind of environment.

Encoder Audio over IP Streamer Max AxelTech
Encoder Audio over IP Streamer Max AxelTech

– Audio over-ip distribution– Point-to-point links (STL)
– Multicast connections– Radio InStore/Brand Audio Networking
– Audio distribution for P.A

Main Features

  • Half-duplex and full-duplex audio connection
  • Connection via Bluetooth, WiFi, UMTS Modem (*only certified devices)
  • 2 GPIn and 2 GPOut with data tunneling operative mode
  • Multiple audio codec protocols and bitrates
  • Microphone XLR input
  • Professional hi-quality analogue and digital in/out with A/D and D/A conversion
  • Data tunneling with certified USB interface (like RS232-RS485) to control remote devices
  • Web based configuration
  • Highly accurate rate and jitter correction in every digital audio paths


  • Metadata streaming (Tags)
  • SNMP compliant (V1,V21...)
  • Configuration via web browser
  • Auto re-connect
  • Protocols: Opus, PCM, OGG Vorbis, MP2*, MP3*, AAC*
  • Up to 32 clients at the same time
  • Built-In web server
  • WiFi & UMTS connection (Optional)
  • AGC - Automatic Gain Control
  • Serial Data Tunneling
  • Analog and Digital I/O (XLR connections)
  • Microphone level input
  • GPI Tunneling
  • Highly accurate jitter and rate correction

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