DJ Pro Classic

Radio preferred on-air system

  • New GUI
  • Improved MS-SQL support
  • Multi-cluster simultaneous Programming for Spots
  • New Day and/or Hour Programming for Spots
  • XML import/export with customizable charts

Can manage more than one radio station

DJ-PRO CLASSIC is a complete RADIO ON-AIR SYSTEM. DJ-PRO perfectly matches the needs both of big structured radio networks and of regional and local ones. More than 1500 Radio broadcasters all over the world have chosen DJ-PRO CLASSIC for their private and public Radio stations.DJ-PRO CLASSIC is a powerful and reliable playout software ensuring the maximum stability and safety on-the-air. It matches all requirements a broadcaster needs during the daily radio workflow, maximizing all tasks to save time and resources. Any kind of audio boards can work with DJ-PRO CLASSIC.DJ-PRO CLASSIC can manage more than one radio station, with simultaneous or multiple playouts enriched by different advertisement area networks (advertisement splits). DJ-PRO CLASSIC can also broadcast different newscasts in different areas.

Increaseyour schedule

The On-Air module is the result of several years of research on the ergonomic use. The GUI displays the main on-air playout channel, and other information are displayed simultaneously, the advertisement block-time, as well as the preparation and helper tools: Cue/Pfl auxiliary input monitoring, playlist real-time modification, auto-recorder and time signal announcement.Mixing features are cool. DJ-PRO CLASSIC lets you overlap the On-Air ending of an audio with the beginning of the next one. Controls of the audio levels are powerful and easy to use for an instant by instant sound management. Crossfade parameters can be set for each single audio resource as songs, ID jingles, sweepers and pre-recorded programs.Voice-tracks are often the key to station’s best daily coverage and on-air organization; DJ-PRO CLASSIC offers top features for a smooth fit of them into on-air audio programming, including in/out insertion and slow/fast fade.

It can be configured with different redundancy levels to manage one or more servers using the “Automatic Auto-change Network Connection” without any on air interruption.Thousands of workstations can be managed via LAN. DJ-PRO CLASSIC manages the LogIn and the LogOut of each user, Password protected, with different access levels. The Playout is compatible with multiple audio formats such as WAV .MP3 .MP2 .MPG.The world-wide known flexibility of DJ-PRO CLASSIC allows changes to the schedule to take effect even just a few seconds prior to going on-air in the safest way. Visualizations in order to create the appropriate desk depending on the needs are available in several formats and with full data customization.Hotkeys are there to assist talents in the studios with instant on-air audio such as sound effects, program ID’s and whatever is needed just at the push of a button to enrich programming.

Radio playlist Dj Pro AxelTech

Seek the highestexcellence

DJ-PRO CLASSIC can manage the schedule of promos, ID’s, news, music and all editorial and advertising contents. In case you look for top excellence in programming control you can extend AXEL TECHNOLOGY’s suite to DJ-PRO CLASSIC’s companions: DIGIWARE (music scheduler and content planner) and RAM-COMM (traffic scheduler and business management).DJ-PRO CLASSIC can help you deal with special events such as Live Remotes, Live News, Satellite Feeds, STL links and Internet audio streams. Additional features include time signal and GPI commands.Statistics are important too and DJ-PRO CLASSIC is ready to instantly calculate commercial, program type and any kind of aired-time to offer the best information for effective optimizations.DJ-PRO CLASSIC offers a wide range of features for OB applications. It can feed streaming, RDS, SMS and Web/social media interfaces.

Main Features

  • Complete Radio automation system for network and regional radio stations.
  • Stand-alone, networked and multi-server operation; manual, live-assist and automation modes.
  • Multiple on-air playout and advertisement management areas.
  • Advanced scheduling of music and commercials
  • Printable advertisements, songs, authors and news reports
  • Nonstop schedule management of external feeds
  • Hotkeys for instant replay and jingle machine
  • Any kind of audio boards and multiple formats supported
  • Streaming, RDS, SMS and web/social media interface
  • 10+ Languages supported and unicode format

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