Claudio Astorri intervista Lello Orso

Axel Technology is partner of the best Broadcast training centers and schools around the world. In one of these schools, Music Academy in Bologna (Italy), something special has happened: Lello Orso, the headmaster, had the chance to give a joint lesson with world-wide known production consultant Dave Foxx. Our Radio Specialist Claudio Astorri had a small nice talk with him to know everything about that stunning experience. This is a multi-Pro event! It involved the #1 Pro for Radio Production in the world and a well-known Professor at Music Academy in Bologna (Italy), a broadcasting school that is fully powered by DJ-Pro On-Air system and its software suite. A fully Pro powered story! Lello Orso is a respected Radio consultant who built his career thanks to many successful professional experiences in National FM stations in Italy and in a Broadcast Group in Canada where he spent more than 10 years. He has started teaching in 2018 at Music Academy in Bologna where he helped organizing his “Broadcast Media Technician Course” also by partnering with Axel Technology, which brought students to study and practice broadcast techniques while using the DJ-Pro On-Air System. In the effort to provide a special educational event to his students Lello Orso invited for a session Dave Foxx, the well appreciated and world-wide known production consultant, the number 1 for Radio imaging on the whole planet. He simply tried but was good and lucky enough. Dave accepted the invitation and the lesson was done thanks to a video-conference from his home in the U.S.A. Claudio Astorri exchanged a few words with Lello Orso to get the story. Q: “Lello, please start telling me about Music Academy in Bologna, Italy”A: “It is a 20 years experienced school, mainly oriented to students willing to improve their musical competence and step into the music industry. Many known musicians, singers and producers in Italy have been students at Music Academy. Music Academy recently decided to expand its range of courses by including Radio Broadcasting in its educational offer” Q: “… And that’s why the ‘Broadcast Media Technician Course’ was created with you, right?”A: “Yes! The course was funded both by the European Union and the Emilia-Romagna region allowing students to join with a cheaper access. My will has been providing students with very useful and practical education on the tools. A part has been devoted to understanding the rules and the roles in a Radio station and to develop talent and creativity on-air” Q: “… Now to… Dave Foxx!”A: “… I had planned some workshops on my Course with Radio professionals from the UK, Canada and the USA. That’s why I tried asking a session to Dave Foxx too. He has been creative director at NY’s ‘Z 100’ (WHTZ-New York) which is the #1 Contemporary Hit Radio station of America’s #1 Radio market. He also developed the brand ‘KTU’ (WKTU-FM) in New York. He is also an appreciated voice in many cities around the world; those 2 jobs are still the highest reference for Radio imaging in the world. His voice-overs are appreciated on-air world-wide in many cities like Beirut, Paris, Tokyo and Sydney. He also was the pioneer of Pro-Tools, a top studio production software” Q: “How was the session with Dave Foxx?”A: “Dave was happy and enthusiastic; he shared many views about imaging on Radio and shared precious advice on techniques. He naturally expressed love for Radio, passion for his job, and in just one hour he astonished and surprised all the students. One of those session that can change your mind, even your life. Thank you Dave Foxx for your outstanding session!”