3, 2, 1... ready for IBC 2023!

AxelTech’s team is heading to Amsterdam for next IBC 2023, but what’s new on booth #8.B52?

XRadio: where all music and audio come to life

XRadio is the new solution by AxelTech that extends the concept of Radio Automation to a full Audio and Media Content Management & Publishing platform.

From the solid experience of AxelTech well known DJ Pro Radio Automation comes an evolution to provide renewed and enhanced tools to handle the large variety of content that any Radio Station has to manage nowadays.

XRadio is a flexible and scalable solution, perfect to match the needs of different size organizations from Regional to National Networks: it manages one or more Radio Stations with simultaneous and multiple playouts to provide different Broadcast Areas with Advertisement Splits. XRadio is a flexible and easy tool, perfect for producers, programmers and for any of the many different professional skills of a Radio Station.

XRadio has a modular design by functionality: XRadio Core handles Production, Scheduling and Traffic while the XRadio OnAir module manages the automated or manual On Air including live, recording and of course any controlling tools.

XRadio is Cloud and IP workflows compatible, manages MsSQL Database and Multi-channel library and data share.

Visit the new XRadio webpage to find out more: https://www.axeltechnology.com/xradio/


XTV Cloud – available for any Cloud deployment project!

The new version of the well-known XTV Suite is designed to be installed on physical or Virtual Machines, both at your own data center or at your favorite Cloud Provider’s premises.

XTV Cloud requires a Windows Server Operating System and a hardware configuration with enough performance to act as a Video Server with IP based I/O. Access to the Playout and Management Applications is achieved using RDP over HTML technology through any web browser on any operating system and device.

User interface is automatically scaled to the device being used and up to three simultaneous users can connect allowing control of the Playout, Media Upload, Trimming and Playlist Management at the same time. Audio Monitoring and preview is also passed directly through the web browser allowing a seamless user experience. Final IP output can be configured in many formats including RTMP, SRT, HLS, DASH , etc… and scaled as desired, while SCTE-35 triggers are available in SRT, UDP, HLS embedded in the video stream (not in the manifest file).

Live inputs can be configured to receive IP streams from the studio or outside broadcasts and are displayed on the Playout Multiviewer with on-screen vu meters and audio preview on the web browser.

Among the available formats you’ll find WebRTC: high quality and low latency assured plus the chance to use an AxelTech MultiCrossCoverter as an encoder. The popular SRT format can also be used, encoding from a Vmix Software or a hardware box.

Contact the AxelTech Sales Team [email protected] to schedule a demo during IBC!


Oxygen 3000 Plus: full line up available!

Oxygen 3000 Plus features different formats (8, 12, 16 faders) and for the first time you’ll be able to place your hands on everyone of them! The 8 and 16 faders version will also be showed at booth #8.B52, together with all the other components of the Oxygen family: Oxygen 2000, Oxygen 1000 and Oxygen 1000 Rack. Don’t miss the chance to try all of them!