UniBg On Air chose Oxygen 2000

August 11, 20231 Minutes

When we develop a new product we conceive it in order to be used by the widest possible audience. This is a many companies statement, but comply with this statement is not always possible neither easy.

We are glad to prove that for sure we reached this goal with our Oxygen 2000, as the case history we are presenting shows how easy it is to use and also how it can adapt to different levels of user’s skills.

Luca Viscardi is a well known anchorman of one of the most successful radios in Italy, he acted as a consultant and a trainer for the University of Bergamo when they decided to start their own Radio.

UniBg On Air started a few months ago and it is open to every student of every Department.This means very different skills among the young students that are willing to approach the Radio from a different point of view, and that’s why they chose Oxygen 2000: many features, easy to use, high quality at a very good price.