Oxygen 3

Broadcast mixing console

OXYGEN 3 is a compact broadcast audio console for on air and production studios.Mainly design for medium/small radios (local station, community radios, web radios) OXYGEN 3 combines ease of use, flexibility and robustness.OXYGEN 3 is a best seller product of AxelTech, leader of its category and installed all over the world in any environmental conditions.Made of high-quality component easily available everywhere, OXYGEN 3 is the analogue rock-solid console and is a life guaranteed investment.

Console Radio Broadcast Oxygen 3 AxelTech
Console Radio Broadcast Oxygen 3 AxelTech

Main Features

Compact and rock-solid design3 microphone inputs9 unbalanced stereo inputsEQ controls2 built-in telephone hybrids with conference (POTS)Balanced outputLED meter with memory peak (PFL and Master)Easy to operate

Console Radio Broadcast Oxygen 3 AxelTech


The OXYGEN 3 features 8 channels with A/B input selection, 3 microphone inputs, 9 stereo inputs and 2 built-in telephone hybrids. The console integrates all the specific functions required in any radio studios, such as 2 telephone hybrids with conference capabilities, control of On Air studio lamp, CUT-OFF for loudspeaker and Talk-Over facility.

Console Radio Broadcast Oxygen 3 AxelTech

OXYGEN 3 console provides EQ control on each input channels unbalanced inputs and balanced outputs. OXYGEN 3 features unbalanced LINE inputs (PinRca connectors).The frame is inox steel & aluminium made, with wood finishing side panels available as an option. Electronic components have been selected from the best on the market, switchers, faders and potentiometers are by ALPS. 2 large LED meters with memory peak fine control of Master and Monitor signals. The external switching power supply assures maximum reliability and easy maintenance.


8 channels

OXYGEN 3 has 8 channels, 2 inputs selectable (A/B) for each channel, top quality long fader 100mm for accurate control of audio levels, Gain control, EQ control, PFL and PGM buttons.EQ controls, BASS, MID and HIGH on each channel.

3 Microphone Inputs:

The 1st microphone input is the ‘priority’ channel and its signal is always internally routed to:

  • TalkBack (pre-fader).
  • Telephone channels for ‘private’ communications with the callers, OFF-AIR (pre-fader).
  • TalkOver section for automatic voice/music mix.

The fader also CUT-OFF the monitor output and controls On Air lamp.As option, the faders of the mic 2 and mic 3 channels can be configured to trigger monitor out CUT-OFF and On Air lamp.

9 Stereo Inputs:

9 unbalanced stereo LINE inputs on RCA connector

2 Telephone Hybrid (POTS)

Telephone lines and Telephone set connector for each line. Output for telephone calls recording available for each telephone line. Notification of incoming calls (phone ringing) via GPO.

Analog Radio Mixer Oxygen 3 AxelTech

Monitor Section

Unbalanced stereo output for loudspeakers, with CUT-OFF, for monitoring of PFL, MASTER and EXTERNAL source. 2 headphones output. Talkback output switched between Master / Talkback (from Mic1).

Master Section

2 balanced Master output with level and balance controls (adapter SUDB15-XLR available as option).1 unbalanced Master output with level control (Out 3)2 unbalanced Master output mono with fixed level. Talkover function to automatically adjust/attenuate the music level on master output when presenter talk on mic 1.

Power Supply Unit

External switching PSU 90-260 VAC 50/60Hrz.

Technical Specifications


Power Supply

90 / 260V (50 – 60 Hz) - 20 W external switching


Around 5 Kg


178mm (H) x 483mm (W) x 340mm (D)



Stereo Pin RCA

INPUT A nominal level

0 dBm (LINE – Channels 4 e 5) Unbalanced +/- 12 dB GainPhono (RIAA – Channels 6) Unbalanced +/- 12 dB Gain


Stereo Unbalanced Pin RCA

INPUT B levels

0 dBm (LINE) +/- 12 dB Gain

INPUT A & B impedance

10 kΩ



Mono Balanced XLR

INPUT A Levels

-70 dB (MIC Level) +/- 12 dB Gain

INPUT A impedance

> 1,5 kOhm


- 70 dB (MIC level) +/- 12 dB gain ctrl

INPUT B Levels

0 dB (LINE) +/- 12 dB gain ctrl

INPUT B impedance

10 kOhm


Send/Receive separation

20 dB (it can vary depending on telephone line characteristics)

In/out level on telephone line

- 6 dBm on 600 line impedence

Compensation mode


Line connection

2 wire, RJ11 connector

REC Telephone output

0 dB level Unbalanced PinRCA

Master Module

MASTER Output 1 & 2

Stereo Electronically Balanced SubD 15P ∞ to + 6 dB ctrl

MASTER Output 3 and Fixed

Stereo Unbalanced PinRCA ∞ to + 6 dB ctrl (Out 3)

MASTER Mono Outputs

Mono Unbalanced PinRCA 0 dBm

Nominal MST Output Level

0 dBu (LINE)

MST output Impedance

100 Ω

Noise (DIN Noise)

≤ - 78 dBm


< - 65 dB @ 10 kHz


< - 70.5 dB @ 1 kHz

Monitor Module


Stereo Line Unbalanced PinRCA ∞ to + 6 dB gain ctrl


Speaker (Stereo Line) Unbalanced PinRCA ∞ to + 6 dBm gain ctrlHeadphones Unbalanced Jack 1/4” ∞ to +12 dBm gain ctrl


Stereo Line


Analog Radio Mixer Oxygen 3 AxelTech

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