High Quality Logo Generation.

Ultimate Software Solution forHigh Quality Logo Generation

Simple, complete and powerful to provide impressive station logo.YouLogo software is available in several versions: from 1 to 4 channels.Youlogo supports BMD decklink cards (for multichannel configuration DUO2 and QUAD 2 sugested)

Main Features

  • Static and animated graphics and logos
  • Tga, Bmp, Png, Tiff, Jpg, Gif sequences and flash animations
  • Effects: shadow, blur, motion blur, smooth edge (deflicker)
  • Smooth transition: fade, move, zoom
  • Page composer with multiple layers
  • 32 Bit images processing with alpha and transparencies
  • Preview channel over VGA and video (according to the configuration)
  • From 1 up to 4 channels version
  • Remote control panel (as option)Intelligent page switching: in multiple logo environment only new/modified logos will be displayed with transition, the others will stay on air.
  • Preview is always available over VGA and also on video output if available (it depends on the configuration)
  • Scaling: Pixel or percentage, Maintaining aspect ratio, High quality interpolation, Cropping
  • Multiple layer and priority management
  • Safe screen and auto alignment
  • Upload and download to internal logo library
  • Independent resolution configurable on each output channel

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